Everything is 100 Yen! 5 Must-Buy Items at Daiso

At “Daiso”, you can buy pretty much everything that you need for everyday use, and they are all sold at 100 JPY. Throughout Japan, they have approximately 200 shops carrying wide varieties of products including household items, convenient goods, interior items and even books for a price of 100 yen each. Among them, we have picked up the 5 most recommended items that are super convenient to use.

1. Yawaraka Lemon-Shibori (a convenient item for squeezing a lemon without messing your hands)

Did you ever feel that it was annoying when your hands got sticky after squeezing a lemon or when you found lemon seeds in the lemon juice? Also, you want to avoid spending time cleaning up afterwards too, right? “Yawaraka Lemon-Shibori” (100 JPY ( can solve that problem! Simply, put a lemon in a silicon container and squeeze them together. Instantly, you will have lemon juice without finding any seeds in it and your hands stay dry and clean too. With this item, it will be more fun to use lemons for your cooking and home-made drinks.

2. Koto-koto Kun (a convenient item that prevents a pot from boiling over)

Everyone has had the experience of a pot boiling over when cooking pasta or vegetables, right? It takes a patient person to stand right next to a stove adjusting the heat or adding water only to prevent that situation. But don’t worry if you are not up for it, since now, there is a “Koto-koto Kun” (100 JPY ( Place this item at the bottom of a pot, and it will prevent water from boiling over. It will even prevent your stove from soaking in water, which will result in a happier cooking time. This item will certainly be your best-friend in the kitchen.

3. Easy Sealer (a convenient item that re-close a once-opened bag)

Even if you think you have closed a bag of chips, food or powder tightly with a rubber band or tape, they can still get damp or get infested with insects. However, if you use an “Easy Sealer” (100 JPY (, you can securely re-seal an open bag with the help of heat processing. It’s very simple to use. Just clip an open bag with the easy sealer and slide it along the hem. It can be used for bags that are within 0.1 mm thickness and are made from aluminum vapor deposition, polypropylene, polyethylene and vinyl chloride. With this item, there will be no more worries about food waste.

4. Paku-paku Sara-Catch for Microwave (A convenient item to take out a heated dish from a microwave)

We are inseparable from microwaves any more. It is very convenient to be able to heat up and defrost foods without using the stove. However, too often, many of us find ourselves not being able to take out a dish from the microwave, because it is too hot to touch. If that happens to you, use this “Paku-paku Sara-Catch for Microwave” (100 JPY ( and you can easily take out a heated dish without any stress. Made of silicone, it is resistant to heat, bendable and fits well over fingers. In addition, with its nonslip feature, you won’t have to worry about dropping a dish. Stick this item on the side of your microwave with its suction cup with a hook, and it will always be there when you need it.

5. Fukuro Cap (a convenient item that can be attached to an open bag to make it like a container)

Have you ever wondered how to best store things sugar, salt or liquid that didn't fit in a jar and left-over in the bag? “Fukuro Cap” (100 JPY ( can help you solve this problem. Simply, cut off the top part of a bag diagonally, insert the cap and you will have a container that was once just a bag. Since it can close a bag securely, it is better than using a rubber band or a piece of tape. What’s more, your kitchen will look tidier without bulky containers all over the place.

Did you find anything you liked? By now, you must be thinking that you cannot underestimate the variety and quality of items available at 100 yen shops. We guarantee that you will find convenient items that are useful for your daily life. Add a 100 yen store on your destination list!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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