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3 Electric Hot Water Dispensers You Should Buy in Japan

Hot water dispensers are really helpful in busy mornings when you need hot water quickly. For you, the person who always wants to drink hot drinks, here are some 3 highly efficient hot water dispensers that you can buy in Japanese electronic stores and use overseas.

1. Electric Hot Water Dispenser Tiger PDU-A40W

First a quick explanation on hot water dispensers. Hot water dispensers can boil water, then hold it hot temperatures for a long time. Most of them can hold about 2-5L of water. Because of that, they're used both in homes and in offices for hot drinks, but can also be used to disinfect items like towels and cutting boards using boiling water, so it's perfect for everyday hot water use. The Tiger PDU-A40W holds 4L of water. It can also hold water at four different degrees: 98℃, 90℃, 80℃, or 70℃. It's very easy to use since it responds to a light touch and is made with a very easy to understand water level indicator, making it a perfect dispenser for first-timers.

Tiger PDU-A40W Discretionary price

1. Electric Hot Water Dispenser Tiger PDU-A40W

2. Hot Water Dispenser Panasonic NC-SSA400-RK

This one is a little on the pricey side, but it's suitable for people that want clean hot water but also want to save electricity a little. The Panasonic NC-SSA400-RK uses a special ceramic filter that cuts out impurities like chlorinated lime and mold. This way you can get the cleanest hot water available. Also, it can store the user's patterns, so it automatically turns off when it isn't in use, making it very energy-efficient. There is a spotlight that points downwards from the spout in order to cut down on misplaced cups causing messes. It is clearly a machine made with the user in mind. The price might make you hesitate, but if you're someone who wants to drink delicious coffee or tea, what about being picky about the water used to make it?

Panasonic NC-SSA400-RK, Discretionary price

2. Hot Water Dispenser Panasonic NC-SSA400-RK

3. Electric Kettle Tiger PFY-A10W

Compared with hot water dispensers, electric kettles are smaller. Since it's made with the idea that you'll only pour in the amount of water that you're using, it doesn't keep the water hot like dispensers do. Because of that, the time it takes to heat water is very short, and you can get one coffee cup's worth of boiling water within in about 70 seconds. This Tiger PFY-A10W turns off automatically the moment you finish pouring the water in order to avoid heating up empty air. Also, this kettle is made so that it won't spill even if it falls or is dropped, so it's safe. The inside is made with fluorine so it doesn't dirty easily and maintenance is very easy. This is a recommended product for people who are busy and want hot water right away.

Tiger PFY-A10W, Discretionary price

3. Electric Kettle Tiger PFY-A10W

First please decide if a hot water dispenser or an electric kettle is more suited to your needs. Both of them are easy to use and are outfitted with special functions, so you should definitely be able to find something that fits all of your requirements for daily use.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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