7 Recommended Anime-related Japanese Shops for Anime-lovers Like You!

Japan is a treasure house of manga and anime. From famous to maniac stores, we will be introducing to you must-go shops for anime and manga-lovers.

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This is a specialty store for anime, games, light novels, manga, and character merchandise which offers fully-loaded limited privileges like special reservations and purchases. Previously it had only dealt mostly with products related to games, however, it presently sells a wide variety of products including the aforementioned such as anime and manga. It mostly sells products geared toward male customers. They have a total of 17 stores nationwide, and in big urban stores like the main store AKIHABARA GAMERS, there are exhibits of precious items and mini shops which sell special merchandise for a limited amount of time.

2. Toranoana

We recommend Toranoana to you if you want dojinshi and dojin goods (self-published goods like initial works, as well as derivative works from anime, manga, novels and games among others or parodies), indie songs and software among other products. The products they sell are incomparable to those sold by other anime shops as they have a wide variety of dojinshi-related products. Some shops also sell second hand products, so you might find yourself a good buy.
Mostly operating among urban areas particularly in Akihabara, there are three shops namely: A shop which sells a wide variety of things; B shop which has the floor that only sells items for women; and slightly maniac C shop, which deals with secondhand items and toys.

Photo is a display window of Toranoana Akihabara A shop.

3. Animate

"Animate" is the leading specialist store of anime, comics and game-related products. Saying that they collect anything in no way an exaggeration. Foreigner fans and of course, Japanese fans call it "the Holy Land." They have branches all over Japan, as well as in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Bangkok, so there may be other people who know of it. It’s also known to house a wide variety of products for women. Branches in Major cities hold events wherein they incite voice actors and singers of anime songs among others. For first time visitors, we recommend the Akihabara and Ikebukuro branches which have a wide range and complete set of products.

4. TOWERanime

"TOWERanime," which is a part of the leading CD shop chain "TOWER RECORDS," is a shop which specialized in anime and anime songs. The Shinjuku store underwent renovation in 2014 in order to power up into the "shop-inside-a-shop" TOWERanime Shinjuku. It deals with manga, magazines and other goods and focusing on CD/DVDs, it also actively launches collaboration with popular anime. It also occasionally holds event and mini concerts. It's a very convenient store since not only is Shinjuku can be easily accessed, it has a large number of anime-related CDs available for listening, so you should check it out if you're planning on looking for other CDs anyway.


"MANDARAKE" is an antiquarian bookstore which operates nationwide and specializes in manga. Aside from secondhand manga, they also sell anime-related goods and game figures. They also sell items from bargain-priced books from 100 JPY to rare items costing around several hundred thousands JPY -- they also collect products which are a little maniac. You may find things in "MANDARAKE" which are not available in other stores. The store is full with must-see things with each store having employees cosplay the characters of their liking. Although hardcore fans are sure to like this, even people which do not know anime can have fun by just looking around the store.


"LASHINBANG" is a store which specializes in selling anime-related goods, dojinshi, DVD and games among other secondhand items. If your favorite anime has ended and its popularity has gone down, we recommend for you to try searching for secondhand goods in "LASHINBANG." In addition, the main store in Ikebukuro also sells cosplay costumes from seasonal characters to common ones.


Lastly, we have "COSPA," a store which specializes in sales of cosplay costumes, anime character goods and character-inspired apparel among other products. Although it's obvious that they sell costumes for cosplay, other than this, they also sell character T-shirts and jackets among a lot of commonly used items. Prices may differ according to the genre of the item, but they do sell a wide range of items from around 1,000 JPY towels to above 10,000 JPY jackets and accessories. Be sure to check this shop for people who want goods which are unique from other shops. Their main shop is located in Akihabara and they also have branches in Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka among other places.

How was it? Although there are anime store branches nationwide, nothing beats the wide variety of items in main stores. Since each of the shops have their own uniqueness, be sure to visit the stores which match your objective. Of course, you can always visit all of the stores accordingly.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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