5 recommended Japanese electronics retail stores

Japanese electric appliances are very popular overseas for being highly efficient and for their high quality. Japanese electronics retail stores are becoming increasingly popular shopping spot among foreign travelers thanks to their plentiful and varied product lineup, their high quality, and their good service. In this article you will find a selection of the stores that we especially recommend.

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1. Yodobashi Camera

Yodobashi Camera is known for offering a wide variety of products and for its knowledgeable staff. This store has "Functionality Lists", which are helpful when you want to compare different products, and rankings for the best selling products depending on their category, which are very helpful when you are at a loss about what to buy. It is also nice to note that the prices here are rather low, as this store competes to offer the lowest prices among all electronics retail stores. Yodobashi Camera has 21 stores across the country, most of which are concentrated in the Kanto area, and its Shinjuku Nishiguchi store is especially fun to visit, thanks to the quality and quantity that it has to offer. Here you will most likely lose track of time without even realizing so.

2. Bic Camera

Bic Camera was the first electronics retail store to offer a dedicated service for foreign travelers visiting Japan, and some of the stores even have interpreters available all year round. In addition, many Bic Camera stores are located in front of a station, or are directly connected to the station, so they are very easily accessible. Many of their stores in the center of Tokyo offer duty free shopping and a shipping service to send your products to the Haneda Airport, the Narita Airport, the Chubu International Airport, and the Kansai International Airport in just one day. Bic Camera has a joint store with Japanese fast fashion brand "UNIQLO" called "BICQLO" in Shinjuku, where you can experience a new kind of store that combines both electric appliances and fashion. The store receives a large number of visits every day.

3. Yamada Denki

Yamada Denki is the largest electronics retail store in Japan. With a large product lineup and reasonable prices, Yamada Denki has stores not only all over Japan, but also abroad. They offer discounts for old models and displayed items, so those looking for inexpensive prices should aim for these kinds of articles. Among all the stores in Japan, their "LABI1 Nihon Sohonten Ikebukuro" is especially popular for being a new kind of store designed after the concepts of "environment, health, and entertainment". In the vast sales floor, you will find a plentiful variety of items that includes not only electronic appliances, but also computers, model railroads, detergent, and 100,000 books. It also has a restaurant floor and a futsal court.

4. KS Denki

Recently, electronics retail stores offering toys and food items besides their regular lineup of electric appliances are on the increase. KS Denki focuses especially on electric appliances and computers. In addition, KS Denki stores do not use a point system with which you can accumulate points every time you make a purchase, like other electronics retail stores do. They offer the best discounts right on spot, providing foreign travelers who do not have point cards with the best deals. KS Denki has 448 stores across Japan, and they are characterized by being located mainly in suburban areas.


EDION has over 1,000 stores, most of which are located in western Japan, and its product lineup is different depending on the needs and lifestyle of each region. The store sells many items of its own original brand "KuaL", including air conditioner devices that have been treated so the part of the machine that goes outside does not rust easily, and microwave ovens with original and convenient menu buttons. There is only one EDION store in Tokyo; it is located in Akihabara, and it offers duty free shopping and has SIM cards available for purchase by foreign travelers.

Did you enjoy the article? Japanese electronics retail stores, thanks to their plentiful product lineup and to their high quality, are considered to be the best in the world. Even if you are not buying anything, how about visiting one to experience their unique service and hospitality?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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