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Highly functional and convenient! 5 thermos bottles that you should buy in Japan


Writer name : Kayo

Japanese thermos bottles are very popular. We recommend them not only because of their heat and cold retaining properties, but also because they are lightweight and easy to carry around, highly sealable, and hygienic, since they are designed to be easy to wash. There are many different types, so make sure you find your favorite and take it back home as a souvenir!

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1. You can drink directly from it or use the cup! TIGER "Stainless Bottle 'SAHARA' 2WAY MBO-E"

"SAHARA" is one of the most popular series of TIGER thermal carafes, and this stainless, hollow 2WAY model (0.8 L: 7,000 JPY / 7,500 JPY plus tax / recommended retail price), which you can use to drink directly from or with the included cup, is especially convenient.
In addition, the body of the thermos, the cap, and the inner plug can be washed completely, and the interior of the bottle features a super clean treatment that prevents stains and smells from sticking to it, so it is very easy to maintain!

*These products will be sold starting at the beginning of February 2016.

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2. With a convenient lid that is easy to open and locks completely! ZOJIRUSHI "Stainless Mug Quick Open & Easy lock"

This Stainless Mug (0.36 L: 4,800 JPY / 0.48 L: 5,000 JPY / 0.6 L: 5,200 JPY plus tax / recommended retail price) in a neat design typical of Zojirushi, one of the top manufacturers of thermos, is characterized by its lid, which is very easy to open and can be completely locked. All you have to do is keep the lock button pressed while turning the lid around to smoothly open it to a maximum of 1/4 and, when you want to close it, you just have to turn the lid a little and it will lock automatically. The interior of the bottle is coated with fluorine, so it does not rust easily, and the mouth is covered with resin for a smooth texture to the lips.

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3. Strong and with a large capacity ZOJIRUSHI "Stainless Pot"

This stainless pot (1.0 L, 1.5 L, 1.9 L, all with an open price), characterized by a big handle and a massive design, is the kind of model that is used more often indoors than to carry around. Just holding the lock is enough to open the lid, and it is very easy to place the corresponding drink inside. When pouring the liquid out, you can hold the handle and push the lever with one hand at the same time, which makes it very convenient and safe. The vacuum thermos structure, which uses two layers of stainless steel, is very resistant to impact, and it does not break even if you put ice directly inside. It offers excellent heat and cold retaining properties. The wide mouth measures about 6.5 cm, which is very convenient for cleaning. It can also be used to drip coffee.

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4. A tabletop pot with huge capacity! TIGER "Stainless Air Pot Torazu MAA-B"

The Stainless Air Pot Tora-zu MAA-B (2.2 L: 11,000 JPY, 3.0 L: 12,000 L, 4.0 L: 10,000 JPY (excl. tax/recommended retail price) is a hollow thermal carafe made of strong stainless steel of a huge size. You don't have to hold the body diagonally to pour from it like a mug or a pot, as it pours from a spout as it stands upright. The 3.0 L model will keep water hot at 74℃ even after 10 hours, and it will keep cold drinks below 7℃ after 10 hours as well. As a major plus, you can put ice in it to keep it cold for even longer.

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5. Super lightweight model that you can open with just one touch! THERMOS "Vacuum Insulation Portable Mug"

This portable mug (0.5 L: 6,000 JPY / recommended retail price) by THERMOS, the internationally renowned thermos maker, is characterized by being super light, with a capacity of 0.5 L and weighing about 210 grams. The mouth of the thermos, designed to drink directly from, can be opened with just one touch and, while this can be easily done with just one hand, it can also be locked completely with a lock ring when you are not drinking, so you do not have to worry about possible leaks when carrying it around. Not only you can wash the whole body of this thermos, but you can also remove the mouth from the lid to clean it, which makes maintenance very easy.

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These convenient and highly functional thermos are available at a variety of businesses that include electronics retail stores, large supermarkets, DIY stores, and shops selling miscellaneous goods. Besides the ones that we featured here, there are many other varieties of thermos, like mugs for soup, so make sure that you check them out!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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