All the snacks you’ve been longing for! 7 types of Japanese snacks

Japanese snacks are famous for their huge variety and their delicious taste. Here is an introduction to some of Japan’s popular, top-selling sweets. Pick some for snacking on your travels and for souvenirs!

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1. Hi-Chew

Enjoy the soft, caramel-like texture and fruity flavor of Hi-Chew.They are sold in some other contries besides Japan but in Japan you can enjoy a ton of flavors! In particular, we recommend the regional flavors like Hokkaido’s “Yubari Melon Flavor”; Tohoku's “Tohoku Apple” and “Sakuranbo (cherry)"; Shinshu's limited edition “Shinshu Apple”; Kyushu’s limited edition “Amaou Strawberry” and “Dekopon”; and Okinawa’s “Pineapple”, “Shekwasha Flavor” and “Mango Flavor”. If you go to souvenir shops at places such as Tokyo Station, airports, and the like, even if you don’t visit the specific regions you might get your hands on the regional flavors! In addition, regular supermarkets have limited edition flavors so they’re a must-check! The price is around 100JPY each.

2. Local Kit-Kats

Japan is the second highest consumer of Kit-Kats and every season a variety of flavors are sold. There are plenty of regional Kit-Kats which allow you to enjoy the unique flavors of Japan making them popular souvenirs. Tokyo’s flavor is Rum & Raisin, Kyoto is Matcha and roasted green tea, Shizuoka and Kantou are wasabi, Kyushu and Okinawa are red sweet potatoes and the flavors go on and on! Among other things, our recommendation is "Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Mt. Fuji Pack", which is sold in the whole country.The package is shaped like Mt. Fuji so you can also enjoy looking at it. At every souvenir shop and at airports, you can buy a box for a couple hundred yen.

2. Local Kit-Kats

3. Umaibo

This is a corn-based cylinder-shaped snack. The texture is crunchy and it’s popular for it’s strongly flavored seasoning that you reflexively chase down with beer. At supermarkets and convenience stores another good point is that you can buy them for a reasonable 10JPY each (tax excluded). Furthermore, there are a wide range of flavors like “Takoyaki”, “Salami”, “Cheese” and “Corn Potage”. In addition, you can find unusual flavors like “Chicken Curry”, “Teriyaki Burger”, “Shrimp Mayonnaise”, “Tonkatsu Sauce” and much more. For those who like natto, definitely challenge the “Natto Flavor”! If you like sweet things, then flavors like “Sugar Rusk Flavor” and “Chocolate” are recommended.

4. Koala's March

If you like Japanese-style cute snacks then we recommend Koala’s March. This snack is a crunchy biscuit with chocolate inside that you can pop into your mouth and eat anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to buy at supermarkets and convenience stores making it a popular item. The standard flavors are “Chocolate” and “Strawberry” with a new flavor “Cocoa and Milk” now on sale. You can buy it at supermarkets and convenience stores. The price is around 100JPY. In regards to the regional products, Tokyo, Kansai and Toukai sell various goods with the mascot on it (like phone straps in the shape of Koala’s March and so on) so be sure to check for them!

4. Koala's March

5. Kappa Ebisen

Kappa Ebisen is made when raw shrimp is kneaded into a wheat dough then roasted until fragrant. The shrimp shells from the head to the tails are included so you can also get your calcium from this happy snack. Using 25% less oil is the healthier option “Calbee! Kappa Ebisen Light” and “Kappa Ebisen for Children One and Over” that’s made without using any oil and moderate amounts of salt, perfect for those watching their calories. You can purchase at convenience stores and supermarkets for about 100JPY. For regional products there are “Chicken Nanban Flavor”, “Mountain Wasabi Flavor”, “Garlic Soy Sauce” etc. Try and savor all the different flavors!

5. Kappa Ebisen

6. [ROYCE] Raw Chocolate

ROYCE’s raw chocolate is made using an ample blend of rich Hokkaido cream. It is unquestionably delicious and it's melt-in-your-mouth smoothness will make you addicted! A recommended flavor in particular is the aromatic, bittersweet “Matcha”. You can purchase them at Hokkaido’s department stores as well as the various airports and department stores across the country. The price is around 1000JPY.

6. [ROYCE] Raw Chocolate

7. Shiroi Koibito

Shiroi Koibito is white chocolate sandwiched between crunchy Langues de Chat cookies. This too is a staple souvenir from Hokkaido and a popular confectionery in Japan. There’s the standard white chocolate as well as a dark milk chocolate sandwich variety which is also recommended. Apart from its vanity case packaging (a beautiful box that makes a great present), it also comes in a tin and both packages can be used to keep small items after you finish eating. In addition to the company store located in Hokkaido, you can buy it at major airports and department stores across the country. It costs about 1000JPY for a pack of 18.

Nothing but delicious looking selections! Certainly try and find your favorite.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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