Private Spaces to Relax in! Five Inns that Take One Booking a Day

Hotels that only take one reservation a day are perfect for those who want to enjoy a private stay without having to worry about other guests. In this article, we introduce five hotels operated under this luxurious concept.

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1. KuraYa Kiyomizu Gojo (Kyoto)

This is a traditional Japanese machiya-style residence that has been renovated and serves as a guest accommodation. It was used as a store by a ceramic artist at one time, and has an interior area of 100 sq.m. It has been renovated to offer functionality, comfort and cleanliness, with underfloor heating, a hinoki cypress bath, and Simmons brand bed, while retaining the feel of a traditional space. There is free Wi-Fi access throughout the building and English-speaking staff.

2. LOOF Sawa no Ie (Yamanashi)

This is a house in a village surrounded by untouched nature that is available for vacation rental. It is a 100-year-old building that has been renovated and decorated into a stylish, retro space with Scandinavian furniture. There are no clocks or televisions so you can relax without thinking about the time, but there is an Apple TV and iPad. There are loft-style bedrooms renovated from the attic, and a partially open-air bath. For dinner, you can cook yourself or choose between a meal of local ingredients, such as beef from the foot of Mt. Fuji and rainbow trout, grilled on an irori hearth (a type of traditional Japanese sunken hearth) and BBQ in the garden. Up to 10 guests can stay in one house. There is free Wi-Fi access and English-speaking staff.

3. Sasayuri-ann (Nara)

This is an inn where you can stay in a traditional Japanese house. It accommodates up to 10 guests and is perfect for a private stay with friends and family. The house retains the feel of a traditional house but has five air conditioners and a variety of heaters so you can stay comfortably at any time of the year. The bath is made with fragrant hinoki cypress. There is a kitchen so you can cook yourself or utilize the catering service (reservation required). There is free Wi-Fi access in the guestroom and English-speaking staff.

4. Takimi Onsen Inn (Nagano)

This is an inn nestled in a hinoki cypress forest in the Kiso area of Nagano. There are four Japanese-style guestrooms and a hinoki-cypress open-air bath with natural onsen hot spring water. The meals consist of flavorful dishes made with an abundance of local ingredients, including rustic dishes such as river fish grilled on an irori hearth. There is free Wi-Fi access throughout the building and English-speaking staff.

5. Nakijin Gotei Okinawa Condominium Resort (Okinawa)

This is a resort condominium in Okinawa with beautiful ocean views. It is on top of a cliff that juts out into the ocean around the World Heritage Site, Nankijin Castle, and the Nankijin village Imadomari, and has fantastic views. The total area of the unit is 133 sq.m., including an interior that is more than 80 sq.m. with a living room, dining room and kitchen. The bedrooms have ocean views, as does the rooftop terrace, and there is a jet bath to be enjoyed with the family. There is a complimentary fruit basket with colorful Okinawa fruits, free drinks and free Wi-Fi access.

5. Nakijin Gotei Okinawa Condominium Resort (Okinawa)

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How was it? We picked up five luxurious inns you can stay in as if they were your own vacation homes. We hope it will help you choose your travel accommodations

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