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Day Trips OK! Five Recommended Hotels in Nasu and Kinugawa with Onsen Baths

There are many famous onsen hot springs in Tochigi, such as Nasu Onsen and Kinugawa Onsen. Here are some recommended hotels with onsen baths in Tochigi that are available for overnight stay and day trips.

1. Hotel Epinard Nasu

Hotel Epinard Nasu is a highland resort in the middle of Nasu, convenient for all the major tourist attractions in the area. The appeal of this hotel is that you can enjoy an onsen hot spring in the largest shared bathrooms and open-air baths in the Nasu Highlands. There are many facilities to enjoy here, including the large open-air baths surrounded by greenery and a babbling brook, cedar baths that engulf you in the comforting aroma of cedar, hot tubs, and saunas. It also offers a day-stay package through which you can relax in a guest room (weekdays only). The hotel can be accessed by a Nasu Resort Express bus directly from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

Sample day-stay package prices
Onsen & pool + day use of guest room + lunch: 6,000 JPY (excl. tax) and up
Onsen + day use of guest room + lunch & dinner: 9,500 JPY (excl. tax) and up

1. Hotel Epinard Nasu

1 Oaza-Takakuhei, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi

2. Hotel View Palace

At Hotel View Palace, you can enjoy the ever-changing scenery of the Nasu Highlands, onsen hot springs, and creative cuisine. It is a comfortable hotel that will welcome you with thoughtful services.
The open-air baths with fantastic seasonal views are filled with milky-white onsen water. The water is slightly viscous and said to leave the skin smooth and soft. You can stop in just for the onsen, but it is recommended to enjoy the onsite restaurant as well. 500 JPY added to the price of lunch items, such as Nasu Chicken and Goyou Egg Omurice (1,500 JPY (excl. tax)), gets you access to the onsen baths.

Onsen access fees (day-use packages available depending on the season)
Adult 1,000 JPY, elementary school age child 700 JPY, kindergarten and nursery school age child 500 JPY

2. Hotel View Palace

212 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi

3. Rindoko Royal Hotel

Rindoko Royal Hotel is a hotel in the Nasu Highlands. Here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the highlands and fill your lungs with fresh air to relax your body and soul! The hotel also offers open-air baths made of rugged rocks that are blissful to soak in. It is also recognized as a "welcome baby inn" and has baby baths, baby soap, and chairs for kids in the large shared bathroom, so you can comfortably enjoy the onsen baths with children and babies.
With the day-stay package, you can relax in the baths and guest rooms for up to six hours. It also includes a lunch buffet at a nearby tourist farm.

Sample day-stay package prices
Onsen + day use of guest room + lunch: 5,940 JPY (incl. tax and service)

3. Rindoko Royal Hotel

4449-2 Takakuhei, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi

4. Kinugawa Niouson Plaza

Kinugawa Niouson Plaza is an inn in Kinugawa Onsen known for its large Niou guardian statue in the garden.
This inn's specialty is the Yakatabune Houseboat Open-air Bath. It is actually a bathtub made with a boat that was used for Kinugawa Line Kudari River Cruises. There are also other attractive onsen baths such as the liberating open-air baths made with natural rocks and a mixed-gender bath (requires swimwear; yuami bathing wear can be rented for a fee) with a closeup view of the Kinugawa Line Kudari River Cruises. The inn also has a fishing pond, where you can salt and grill the fish that you catch.

Onsen day-use fee (there are no day-use packages)
Adult 700 JPY, Child 350 JPY

4. Kinugawa Niouson Plaza

371-1 Kinugawaonsen Ohara, Nikko, Tochigi

5. Kinugawa Park Hotels

Kinugawa Park Hotels is a hotel that pursues relaxation and a connection with nature. It is conveniently located just five minutes on foot from Tobu Kinugawa Onsen Station.
In the grounds surrounded by verdant trees, there are four guest buildings, each with their own unique design such as Kinoyakata, with traditional Japanese colors, patterns and design, and Kishintei, with a wabisabi aesthetic style. In the large onsen bathing area, there is a variety of bathtubs such as the "odaruburo" made from a barrel. There are also private baths (require reservations; 2,000 JPY/50 minutes (excl. tax)), as well as luxurious day-stay packages with kaiseki multi-course dinners!

Sample day-stay package prices
Onsen + day use of guest room + lunch: 5,000 JPY (excl. tax) and up
Onsen + day use of guest room + lunch & dinner: 8,900 JPY (excl. tax) and up
*Both packages available on weekdays only (may not be available some weekdays)

5. Kinugawa Park Hotels

1409 Kinugawa Onsen, Ohara, Nikko-shi, Tochigi

Nasu Highlands and Kinugawa Onsen are about 2 hours from Tokyo by train or bus. Please visit and enjoy a relaxing time in the nature-rich onsen villages.*Prices and content of accommodation packages may change by season

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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