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5 Selected Hoshino Resort Hotels and Ryokan of Hoshino Resorts Loved by Foreign Tourists in Japan

Hoshino Resorts is a company which operates hotels and ryokan throughout Japan. Here are 5 recommended accommodations that you'll want to return to because one visit won't be enough!


1. HOSHINOYA Karuizawa

HOSHINOYA is a hotel with the concept of providing an unusual experience with unique hospitality in each region. Karuizawa is a famous summer resort area, and HOSHINOYA has guest rooms with themes like water, mountains and gardens. All of this has the style of a hideaway, so the nature of Karuizawa can be enjoyed privately. Since the hotel has its own spring, the open-air free-flowing hot spring with beautiful scenery will warm your body and soul. For those who would like even more relaxation, there is a meditation bath where you can spend a quiet time contemplating as you bathe. Additionally, there are a variety of spa programs available for guests if you want to reenergize both your mind and body.

1. HOSHINOYA Karuizawa


HOSHINOYA Kyoto, located in the popular tourist spot Arashiyama, has the concept of a private waterfront residence. The inn at the riverside is reachable from Togetsukyo by taking a boat that allows you to enjoy the natural scenery. The building, more than 100 years old, has undergone reconstruction into a modern style, while leaving intact some features of the traditional Japanese architecture. The Japanese rock garden has beautiful seasonal scenery and is perfect for relaxation. The beautiful view of the river can be seen from each of the guest rooms, and can be seen especially well from the wood deck of the floating tea house. The talented chef that has worked overseas delivers colorful and delicious banquet dishes with many seasonal ingredients. This hotel is recommended for those who are looking for a special weekend.


3. HOSHINOYA Okinawa

HOSHINOYA Okinawa, located on Taketomi Island, is a perfect hotel to enjoy Okinawan culture and a tropical resort with a beautiful blue sea. 48 detached guest rooms built in the style of Okinawan traditional architecture, each surrounded by a stone wall made of coral, are interspersed over a wide stretch of land. The hotel has imitated the appearance of a village of the island, so everything you see will be typical Okinawan scenery. The resort feeling can be experienced 24 hours a day, as the 46m long pool in the property is always available for use, whether to swim or relax by the poolside. The French-style cuisine, made using local ingredients, is the chef's masterpiece. Enjoy a relaxing time while gazing upon a sky full of stars.

3. HOSHINOYA Okinawa

4. KAI Tsugaru

Hoshino Resorts KAI is a ryokan with hot springs which offers Wagokochi, a Japanese style of comfort. KAI Tsugaru, in Owani Onsen, has a structure where a pond surrounds the building. The ambience created by the skillful application of nature to the building is beautiful. The choices for guest rooms are Japanese, Western, and detached, so you can choose which one suits your needs. The onsen, which can be enjoyed in a bath tub made from an ancient cypress tree with an age of 2000 years, is also popular. There are other charms of this ryokan, like the banquet cuisine made using Aomori ingredients; Tsugaru Kogin no Ma, the special room with traditional crafts of Tsugaru; and a live performance from Tsugaru shamisen, a traditional stringed instrument, players.

5. KAI Nikko

KAI Nikko, located in Nikko Tochigi, is a ryokan with hot springs and an unbroken view of Chuzenji Lake. This ryokan has the luxurious structure of 33 guest rooms in a large land of 9,900 square meters, and the entrance and lounge have a traditional Japanese atmosphere. Most of the guest rooms overlook Chuzenji Lake. The onsen can be enjoyed with interior hot springs in baths made of cypress, and open-air hot springs with baths made of rock. The banquet dishes can be enjoyed at the restaurant across the corridor, surrounded by a garden. Their tofu skin served on a beautiful Nikko sculpture plate and stone-grilled beef with seasonal vegetables must be tasted. They have a lending service for Nikko geta (Japanese clogs), so it might be nice to have a stroll with Nikko geta on.

*The picture is of Chuzenji Lake.

Please use our article as a reference to find your favorite Hoshino Resort out of all the high quality accommodations they offer.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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