Experience Japanese Farm Work at 5 Selected Accommodation Facilities

At a farm-inn you can have a true agricultural experience, including cooking and eating the fish you catch and the vegetables you pick with the owner and other activities not offered at other accommodation facilities. Here are 5 places with many such exciting opportunities.


1. Jiji No Ie Country Inn (Chiba)

Jiji No Ie, located in Isumi-shi, Chiba, is an accommodation facility established by American photographer Everett Brown and cooking specialist Deco Nakajima, reformed from a traditional old house in a corner of Brown's Field. The inn, consisting of residential space, a cafe, event space and guest rooms, was built using natural materials like straw, clay and bamboo, as their motto is to make the best use of nature. For dinner, they offer creative cuisine made with homemade rice, fresh vegetables picked from the kitchen garden, and other local organic ingredients. It is also possible, if requested when booking, to participate in farm work, vegetable picking, and a cooking class with Deco. The taste of a meal cooked with vegetables you picked yourself is especially delicious. Please enjoy the luxury of spending relaxing hours surrounded by nature. *The photo is for illustrative purposes.

1. Jiji No Ie Country Inn (Chiba)

2. Nukuyusou (Gunma)

Nukuyusou, located at the foot of Mount Hotaka, is a popular farm-inn with a warm and family-like atmosphere. At Nukuyusou, farm work like rice planting, crop planting, and vegetable picking can be enjoyed. They also offer activities only available in rural areas, like river fishing, catching fish with your bare hands, mushroom picking, and cooking local cuisine. Experiences like grilling fish on a fire and making udon noodles from scratch will definitely be memorable for both children and adults. There are locations near Nukuyusou like Fukiware no Taki, a waterfall designated as a National Natural Landmark, and Oze National Park, suitable for hiking and trekking. Nukuyusou is perfect for those who would like to have a proactive journey in Japan. *The photo is for illustrative purposes.

3. Budoubatake (Yamanashi)

Budoubatake, owned by a grape farm, is located in the northernmost area of Katsunuma. Budoubatake grows and sells fresh market grapes, makes processed products like grape juice and jam, and owns a winery called Hishiyama Chuo Brewing. Farm work can be experienced throughout the year, but autumn has the most fun activities like grape picking and making grape juice and jam. You can spend your time here in this homey atmosphere that you can't find in regular lodging inns. They offer 2 tatami-floored rooms (half-board with breakfast and dinner costs 6,000 JPY per adult, 4,000 JPY for elementary students and under; can accommodate up to 12 people). Budoubatake is recommended for those who would like to deepen their interaction with Japanese people through a farming experience. *The photo is for illustrative purposes.

3. Budoubatake (Yamanashi)

4. Farm-Inn Higashi (Nagano)

Farm-Inn Higashi is located in a natural area, deep in the mountains of south Shinshu. It was rebuilt as a guest house from an older house with more than 100 years of history. It might not have the conveniences of more modern accommodation, but there is more freedom to enjoy the rural side of Japan, as they rent the whole house to private groups on a daily basis. They have activities like vegetable picking, mountain stream fishing, and mushroom picking. The vegetables picked at this farm-inn can be cooked during your stay, or can be purchased to take home. Robatayaki (Japanese barbeque) with local river fish and pork can be enjoyed for dinner. At Farm-Inn Higashi an almost self-sustaining life can be experienced while surrounded by nature. This is a place to which you will want to return again and again. * The photo is for illustrative purposes.

5. Gorobe (Chiba)

A couple, owners of a rice farm in Satoyama, opened Gorobe to offer the experience of farm work and rural life all year round, and to share the charm of the country side. They offer many activities throughout the year, like cooking local cuisine, making processed food, and making ornaments for the New Year holiday. They provide various seasonal programs so customers can enjoy their stay whenever they visit. Please bring your own toiletries and towels. *The photo is for illustrative purposes.

Staying in this kind of accommodation has many merits, like closer interaction with local Japanese people, getting your hands dirty with rewarding farm work, and cooking local cuisine. It will definitely be a special experience.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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