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There are various lodging styles! 5 Japanese Hotels Featuring Fun Character-Themed Rooms

Enjoying your hotel is one of the fun parts of your trip, but if your favorite character waited for you in your room wouldn't you be even more excited? Here are 5 hotel rooms decorated in the style of the world of some beloved characters.


1. Hello Kitty (Tokyo)

Hello Kitty is extremely popular not just in Japan but all over the world. The Keio Plaza Hotel offers dream-like rooms where you can spend time with her! There are two kinds of Hello Kitty rooms: the PRINCESS KITTY room where her favorite goods are placed around the room to make her feel like a princess, and the KITTY TOWN room modeled after a Tokyo city resort where she can feel completely satisfied with your friends or family. Both rooms will make you feel happy just upon looking at the interior design and the matching amenities. Also, each room comes with a stationery set that you can take home that will be a great record of your trip.

*Photo is for illustration purposes. The services offered at this hotel differs from the photo.

2. Precure (Nagano)

"Go! Princess Precure" is an anime beloved by little girls. Nagano's Shirakaba Resort Ike no Taira Hotel offers a room decorated with characters from Precure. It includes goods that you can take home like children's toothbrushes, stationery sets, mugs, and more. There's also various perks to staying there like being able to go the Narikiri Photo Studio where you can transform into a Precure character for a photoshoot, free passes to the amusement park Shirakaba Resort Ike no Taira Family Land that's next to the hotel, free tickets to the indoor heated swimming pool, and/or more depending on which plan you choose. This makes it a great room plan not just for children but adults can be completely satisfied too.

3. Kamen Rider Ghost (Nagano)

While many girls love Precure, the Kamen Rider series is extremely popular with boys. The same Shirakaba Resort Ike no Taira Hotel also has a lodging plan in their Kamen Rider Ghost room that will excite almost any boy. The walls and bed of the room are entirely Kamen Rider Ghost! As souvenirs there are toothbrush sets, juice cups, hooded towels, and more original goods that will definitely raise the young guest's excitement. The plan also includes amenities like entry to the pool or the bowling alley (depending on time of year the plan's details may change). There are 8 rooms available per day but it's very popular so if you'd like to stay there make sure to make reservations early.

*Photo is for illustration purposes. The hotel services may differ.

3. Kamen Rider Ghost (Nagano)


Mobile Suit Gundam is a hugely popular anime with people of all ages around the world that spawned the Gundam series, and Hotel Grand Pacific LE DAIBA in Odaiba offers Gundam rooms called PROJECT ROOM-G. There are 3 kinds of rooms, but the most recommended one is the one in which the living room is decorated in the colors of the Earth Federation Space Force and the bedroom, in the colors of the Principality of Zeon Force, are put together to be one space. There's a sofa shaped like a cockpit, the shower is decorated with some of the characters' most famous lines, and if you choose you can have the actual sounds from the show ring through the room. Gundam fans won't be able to resist these services! At the amusement area Gundam Front Tokyo just a 5 minute walk away, you can explore Gundam World. This show is more than 30 years old but it still continues to be beloved - you'll definitely understand why if you stay here!

*Photo is for illustration purposes. Hotel services may differ.


5. Galaxy Express 999 (Odaiba)

The same Hotel Grand Pacific LE DAIBA also offers rooms themed after mangaka Leiji Matsumoto's immortal work, Galaxy Express 999. In each room the box seat of the Galaxy Express 999 that Tetsuro and Maetel rode in is recreated, and if you sit in it you'll feel as though you can hear the conductor say "thank you for riding the Galaxy Express 999." Also, in the bedroom there's a black light production of the 999 running along the tracks, so while you're in the room you'll feel as though you're taking a trip along the Galaxy Express yourself. There are also decorations such as large framed photos from the original work, Leiji Matsumoto's signatures, and more. You'll be completely overwhelmed by the world of Galaxy Express 999.

*Image is for illustration purposes. Hotel services may differ.

5. Galaxy Express 999 (Odaiba)

If you're able to stay in a room where your favorite character awaits, you'll definitely be excited even just by being there. There are many hotel rooms featuring character-themed rooms in Japan, so your favorite character may be waiting for you somewhere too!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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