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Popular YouTuber Sharla Tries Strawberry Picking and Making Strawberry Mochi in Japan!

YouTuber Sharla tried strawberry picking and making strawberry mochi as part of the farming activity program offered by WOW! JAPAN Experience+.

Sharla Talks About Her Experience

I had a great time picking strawberries with Kuramochi-san! He taught me some things about growing strawberries that I had never heard before. Did you know that the reason some strawberries aren't perfectly shaped is because the flowers of that plant weren't properly pollinated by the bees? I sure didn't!

This was the second time I've ever tried making mochi. Kuramochi-san grows his own mochi rice at the farm. They have two different sized "kine" for pounding the mochi. The larger one is for adults, and the smaller is for children (but don't feel bad if you choose to use the child-sized kine, my muscles probably would've thanked me, haha).

Our sweets might not have turned out as beautiful as we had hoped, but nothing tastes better than freshly picked strawberries and mochi you made yourself with locally grown ingredients :)

Sharla's YouTube Video About Her Experience

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Youtuber: Sharla

Sharla first came to Japan when she was 17, and began making YouTube videos as a college student in September 2011. Her videos are about various topics in Japan, including culture, food, and travel diaries. As of January 2017, her channel subscriber number is over 700,000, and as a pioneer in bringing information about Japan to the world, she continues to grow her base of activities.

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