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All 100 JPY Each!? Lawson Store 100’s Recommended Ice Creams

Lawson Store 100 has a variety of original ice cream snacks. And all of them are 108 JPY each! This time, we introduce cooling snacks that will refresh the hot and humid days with refreshing flavors.

Too Deluxe to be True!? VL Shirokuma Bar with Wonderful Fruit Bits

Although Shirokuma iced sweets originate in Kagoshima, they have become so popular they can be purchased in many places now. When you take Lawson Store 100's Shirokuma Condensed Milk Flavor Ice Bar (108 JPY) out of the bag, you'll see that it is filled with bits of fruit and azuki beans. It's just 100 JPY but yet so deluxe! So much fruit and beans! The sweet and tart mandarin orange, pineapple, and yellow peach bits add bright flavors to the condensed milk taste. With the added soft sweetness of the azuki beans, this is an ice cream bar you'll enjoy eating regardless of where you start. It is recommended when you want to be refreshed, but also want some substance.

A Great Example of What Lawson 100 Can Offer! How Many in a Bag?

The VL Bar Ice 3-in-1 Series (vanilla, chocolate, crunchy condensed milk azuki) (108 JPY/each) looks like a regular ice cream bar, but actually has three bars in one bag. The Vanilla Bar is rich and smooth. The Crunchy Condensed Milk Azuki is not too sweet and has a wonderful crunchy texture. It's a great price but does not compromise on flavors. There are many ways of eating it - you can have it as an everyday snack, share with friends, or enjoy it after a bath. There is also the Crunchy Soda and Crunchy Strawberry series, so try them all and find your favorite flavor.

Completely Satisfying! A Top Notch Ice Cream Snack That Will Please You in Many Ways

The charm of VL Granite Mountain Series (mango, soda, azuki) (108 JPY) is its luxurious volume. It gets 100 points for its fluffy appearance, and extra points for the two flavors that is different from top to bottom. The bottom half is a sherbet with a light and granular texture, and the top half is soft serve ice cream. If you put your spoon in with authority, the sauce makes a crunchy sound so that you can enjoy the flavors with your ear and mouth. And the soda flavor even has Ramune candy inside. The crunchy texture and cute, round Ramune candy will keep your mouth entertained to the last bite. When you're done eating, you'll feel refreshed. This is a snack that will change your mood!

Rewards Yourself with a Moist and Luxurious Treat

Even the packaging of VL Premium Vanilla/Matcha (108 JPY) looks luxurious. As if to say "no words necessary," the simple design expresses the manufacturer's confidence in the product. Your first bite will make you feel giddy with the rich flavors that fill the mouth. Take a scoop out with a spoon and you'll see that it looks like flan. You'll also be impressed by the smooth flavor. The "Premium" is a treat with an elegant sweetness and aftertaste. It is recommended for when you want to feel relaxed.

There are many other popular products such as melon and mandarin orange sherbets in cute, retro containers and voluminous monaka ice cream and soft serve ice cream.

All Lawson Store 100 ice creams are 108 JPY each! Stop by in the Lawson Store 100 ice cream corner when you want to try an unusual ice cream, want to get ice cream at a good price, or are so hot you don't feel like doing anything.

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 07.11.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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