5 Best Snacks to Try at Calbee Plus: Cho-Pizza Potato, Poterico, and More!

Potato chips - everybody's favorite snack! “Calbee” is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of potato chips, and it has a special store where you can try them freshly made! This article will introduce you to some of the best snacks to try at Calbee Plus.

What Is Calbee Plus?

Calbee Plus is a special shop owned by “Calbee”, a major Japanese snack manufacturer most famous for “Kappa Ebisen” (a shrimp-flavored snack) and potato chips. Calbee Plus is a showroom with about 12 branches across Japan, from the New Chitose Airport branch in Hokkaido to the Kokusai-dori branch in Okinawa, and there, you can enjoy freshly made Calbee products (for more details on branches, please refer to the official homepage). What is unique about this shop is that you can indulge in freshly fried potato chips that are carefully made in-store. The shop also sells various snacks, from limited editions to new releases, so it’s a great place to look for souvenirs, or just have fun browsing!

What Is Calbee Plus?

Tokyo Okashi Land, First Avenue Tokyo Station B1F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Hokkaido Butter Flavored Potato Chips

These freshly made and moderately thick chips have a crispy texture. They're seasoned with just the right amount of salt, and you can really taste the butter! Enjoy the deep and rich flavor of butter made in Hokkaido. A simple snack to truly appreciate the potato taste.

Price: 290 JPY (incl. tax)

Choco&Choco-Flavored Potato Chips + Soft-Serve Ice Cream

An exquisite combination of sweet soft-serve ice cream, chocolate, and potato chips! Take one bite and you won’t be able to stop. Just having the ice cream on its own is delicious, but it tastes even better when you eat it with potato chips covered in a generous amount of chocolate sauce! Give it a try!

Price: 460 JPY (incl. tax)

Poterico Salad

“Poterico Salad”, which looks exactly like Calbee’s famous snack “Jagarico”, is known as the most popular menu item at Calbee Plus. This snack has an interesting texture, similar to freshly made fried potatoes, which will make you wonder whether this is a snack or an actual fried potato. You'll finish eating the whole pack before you know it! Why not try it yourself? The cheese flavor is also recommended.

Price: 310 JPY (incl. tax)

Salt-Flavored Potechurro

This is a filling churro, or long stick of fried dough pastry, that brings out the flavor of potatoes. The outer layer is crisp, while the inside is soft and chewy. This is a snack that perfectly combines churros and potatoes. You can also have this freshly made - it tastes amazing!

Price: 210 JPY (incl. tax)

Cho-Pizza Potato

“Pizza Potato” was launched in Japan by Calbee in 1992 as potato chips that could compete with delivery pizza. Using its own unique method of melting cheese onto potato chips, Calbee created a snack that tastes just like real pizza, which explains why this snack has been a long-time favorite for many. At Calbee Plus, you can have it freshly made! Here, the “Cho-Pizza Potato” ("cho" meaning "super" or "extra") not only has a generous amount of cheese sauce on the chips, but they are also topped with sliced salami! These gorgeous pizza-flavored potato chips are recommended for those who want something a little special.

Price: 370 JPY (incl. tax)

What do you think? All the snacks introduced in this article taste amazing, so make sure you try them on your next visit to Japan!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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