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Try These Popular McDonald’s Items That Are Available Only in Japan!

McDonald’s is probably the first thing that comes to mind when talking about fast food. Did you know, though, that McDonald’s branches all over the world offer an original menu unique to the country where they are located? Mcdonald's in Japan also has items that you can only try within Japan! With that, here are 5 McDonald’s products that you can only have in Japan.

Teriyaki McBurger

Teriyaki McBurger is a teriyaki-flavored burger that is unique to Japan. Tourists visiting Japan are captivated by this Japan-exclusive burger for its delicious taste. You can enjoy rich, savory flavors with this burger.

Ebi Filet-O

Ebi Filet-O debuted for a limited time in 2005. In between the buns is a meaty patty made of a generous serving of shrimp. You will surely be hooked on its crunchy texture and the chewiness of the shrimp patty. The sandwich became a regular item in the menu in 2006 and it has come to be loved by many people as one of the most popular items offered by McDonald’s in Japan.

Shaka Shaka Potato

Shaka Shaka Potato is ordinary french fries with unique Japanese flavors added to them. A new flavor is launched every two months. There have been many flavors over the years, including Mentai Mayo (pollack roe and mayonnaise), Sakura Ebi Shio (salted sakura shrimp), and Butter Shoyu (butter and soy sauce). Make sure to check out what flavor is available when you come to Japan!

Chicken Tatsuta

Launched in 1991, Chicken Tatsuta is known for its ginger-soy sauce flavor. It is characterized by the crispy shredded cabbage and its slightly spicy sauce. It's made with a different type of bun that's soft and fluffy. The sandwich was relaunched in 2008 and is a very popular item.


Since its launch in 1993, the popular Gracoro has been offered as a limited-time item. Gracoro's name is a combination of "gratin" and "croquette." Its patty is a croquette that is filled with creamy white sauce, shrimp, macaroni, and other gratin ingredients. You can enjoy the crunchiness of croquette and the creaminess of gratin at the same time!

Double Patty for an Extra 100 JPY

From 5:00 pm every day, you can double the patties in your burger with just an extra 100 JPY! If you order the Double Cheese Burger, just pay an additional 100 JPY and you will get four patties in your sandwich! A great deal, right? Be sure to make use of this late-night promo when you come to Japan!

Double Patty for an Extra 100 JPY

When You Order French Fries, Say “Ketchup, Please"

You don't automatically get ketchup with your fries at McDonald's in Japan. But don’t worry! Just say, “Ketchup, please!” and you will be given ketchup right away.

There are many unique items on Mcdonald's menu in Japan that you can only find here! They also have great value services, so be sure to use this article as your guide when you go to McDonald’s!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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