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5 Selected Fishing Ports in Japan with Delicious Fresh Seafood Cuisine

Japan is an island nation, and there are therefore many fishing ports. A freshly caught fish has qualities that a transported product cannot deliver. Here 5 selected fishing ports where fresh seafood cuisine can be enjoyed.


1. Hachinohe Fishing Port (Aomori)

Hachinohe Fishing Port, located in Hachinohe, is famous for the fishing of various squid like the pacific flying squid and calamari. At the nearby Mutsuminato Station Morning Market, the atmosphere of a Japanese port town can be experienced while enjoying the cuisine. The street in front of JR Mutsuminato Station is filled with stores and restaurants, like the Hachinohe Seafood and Vegetable Retail Market. If you purchase sashimi and side dishes at the market, then order miso soup and rice toward the back of the market, you can create your own luxurious Japanese-style breakfast. Hiramezuke-don (flounder on rice) (1,000 JPY), offered at Minato Shokudo in front of the station, is popular and is also worth trying.

2. Misaki Fishing Port (Kanagawa)

Misaki Fishing Port, located in Miura, is famous for its tuna fishery. The area around the port is a popular tourist location, as it can be easily accessed from Tokyo. At tuna specialty restaurants nearby, various dishes created from different parts of the tuna can be enjoyed. Kurobatei, an especially popular restaurant, offers unique items like Tuna Keema Curry (1,050 JPY) and Fatty Tuna Kushi-Tempura (2 skewers 735 JPY) that tuna-lovers won't be able to resist. Additionally, fresh seafood and farm-fresh vegetables can be purchased at the morning market held every Sunday. Misaki Fisharina Wharf Urari in the Misaki Port Direct Market Center is also very popular. This place is perfect for a little detour when sightseeing in Tokyo.

3. Shinminato Fishing Port (Toyama)

Shinminato Fishing Port, located in Imizu, is a place where fresh seafood from Toyama Harbor is traded. This seafood can be enjoyed at Shinminato Kittokito Market, which has a seafood market and fresh fish center, as well as various restaurants. Shinminato Fishing Port is well known for the fishing of red snow crab and firefly squid; however, we especially recommend the Japanese glass shrimp. The restaurant Kittokito-Tei offers Japanese Glass Shrimp Gozen (1,944 JPY (incl. tax)) and the specialty roast restaurant Hamakaze offers Japanese glass shrimp sashimi (700 JPY).

4. Sakaiminato (Tottori)

Sakaiminato, located in the west of Tottori, is well known for bluefin tuna, snow crab, and red snow crab. Close to the port there is the Sakaiminato Marine Products Direct Market Center as well as various restaurants. Kaigan, one of the restaurants close to the port, offers all-you-can-eat red snow crab (adult male 3,000 JPY, adult female 2,500 JPY, elementary students 1,500 JPY). This is a luxurious meal that is too good to miss. Other dishes also have good reviews, so this is a highly recommended restaurant.
*Available hours for the all-you-can-eat course: weekdays 7:00 am - 3:00 pm, weekends and public holidays 7:00 am - 10:45 am, limited to 45 minutes. Reservations required (not available during July and August).

5. Numazu Fishing Port (Shizuoka)

Numazu Fishing Port, in Numazu by the Suruga harbor, is one of the fishing ports with the most traffic in Japan. There are many restaurants near the port, so it is a popular location for its cuisine. At the Numazu Fish Market INO, auction-style trading can be observed, and at the market mall Numazu Minato Shinsenkan, local specialties can be purchased. The featured cuisine of this port is Numazu-don, which has fresh whitebait and sakura shrimp on rice. The Numazu-don (1,400 JPY (excl. tax)) of Uogashi Kappou Sakanaya Senbonichi is popular.

5. Numazu Fishing Port (Shizuoka)

We hope this article will be helpful for those who would like to enjoy the delicious cuisine of a Japanese fishing port.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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