5 Delicious Bakeries in Tokyo

Although rice is the staple food for Japanese people, they also love bread. In Tokyo you can find Japanese bakeries as well as world-famous bakeries at your disposal. Among these, here are a selection of 5 recommended bakeries.

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1. uneclef

Uneclef is a bakery cafe located at Gotokuji station on the Odakyu line. The building has one floor and the beautiful, multicolored selection lined up at the display window will excite you before you even set foot inside. They have an abundant selection of items ranging from simple white bread and French sourdough to danishes and delicatessen bread made using seasonal fruits and vegetables and other baked sweets. The price of bread is around 250 JPY. Everything is carefully baked one by one and you will have high expectations just from looking at them. The freshly baked bread changes depending on the time so you can look forward to it no matter how many times you go! In particular, there are many people who go there for the flaky danishes. If you eat the fresh bread at their established cafe, you will definitely become addicted! Why not go to uneclef and be tempted by the smell of delicious bread?

2. LA BOUTIQUE de Joel Robuchon Roppongi Hills Branch

LA BOUTIQUE de Joel Robuchon Roppongi Hills Branch is located on the 2nd floor of Roppongi Hills Hillside near the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line. Here, the 3 Michelin star holding chef Mr. Joel Robuchon supervises this bakery established by his two star certified restaurant. The inside of the bakery done in dark brown and red has a selection of hard crusty breads to sweet bread that are enjoyable just to look at and will definitely be difficult to choose from! The price of the bread starts around 300 JPY. The steady aroma of wheat from the hard bread has gained a reputation among bread-lovers. The curry bread (324 JPY ( which uses seasonal ingredients and changes throughout the year is also popular. For lovers of sweet bread, how about the pan au chocolat (281 JPY ( with rich chocolate inside?

2. LA BOUTIQUE de Joel Robuchon Roppongi Hills Branch

3. Boulangerie Sudo

Boulangerie Sudo is located in the Shoin-Jinjamae Station on the Tokyu Setagaya Line. The inside of the store is full of a sweet scent and it's crowded all day, starting from the early morning. The bread sold by the former patisserie shopkeeper and his wife are snatched up as soon as they are baked. There’s enough variety of bread to distract you and you’ll unconsciously end up buying too much. The price of the bread starts around 100 JPY. You will need to reserve the most popular menu item Setagaya white bread (580 JPY (excl. tax)) but it’s a bread you should definitely try if you get the chance. The honey toast (280 JPY (excl. tax)), is made by letting honey and butter soak into this popular bread and caramelizing it so the outside is crisp and the inside is soft and fluffy. If you eat it once, you will never forget it. There’s a cafe space inside and benches outside. So you can enjoy drinking coffee while eating bread fresh out of the oven.


CENTRE THE BAKERY is a popular bread specialty shop that always has a line waiting. They are managed by the bakery VIRON, which is popular for its baguettes. They offer three kinds of bread: “square bread” made from domestic wheat, “pullman”, which is a square bread made from North American flour, and “English bread” that comes in the shape of a mountain. The most popular is the square bread made from domestic flour. You can eat inside the bakery or take it home with you. For those who think “I want to try all three kinds of bread!” then the Center Toast Set (from 1,100 JPY) at the bakery cafe is recommended since you can get the 3 kinds of bread as toast so you can eat and compare them. Inside the shop is a row of brightly colored toasters and you can pick one and toast your bread to eat just the way you like it. If you love bread then you will undoubtedly enjoy this. Savor the taste of freshly toasted bread with your choice of butter and jam! They’re usually sold out by the afternoon so it’s recommended that you get there as early as possible.

5. Dans Dix ans

Dans Dix ans is located in the competitive Kichijoji area. The spacious interior is located in the basement of a building that looks as though it’s an art gallery. The beautiful bread lined up in a glass case look like jewels. Their bread is not intended to be stored and is made under the concept that says, “since we eat bread every day, it should be delicious and gentle on the body” and made it a way that capitalizes on its ingredients. They frequently bake little by little with bread ranging from hard kinds to light in-between meal snacks. The bread costs around 250 JPY. There are 4 kinds of plain bread alone that is made using carefully selected flour from Hokkaido. The “Cigar Chocolat” (300 JPY) is order-made with hazelnut praline ganache inside. You can thoroughly indulge in the harmony of the crisp texture of the bread along with the ganache melting in your mouth! Rather than taking bread and putting it on your tray, the staff kindly does it for you so you can ask about the recommendations for the day as well. It’s recommended to sit on the benches outside on a sunny day and enjoy the taste of freshly baked bread.

Was there any bread you felt inclined towards? These are all popular shops so visit early and become satisfied with all the different types of delicious bread.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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