5 Must-try Convenience Store Sweets

Dagashi is a type of inexpensive Japanese snacks that were originally created so that children could buy them with their pocket money. While you can usually buy them for tens of yen, but at convenience stores you can find some quite extravagant dagashi for around 100 JPY. Here, we're going to introduce some of our favorite convenience store dagashi.

1. 7 Premium Karikari Ume

Karikari Ume is a type of umeboshi, plums pickled in salt or a liquor called shochu. While umeboshi are known typically for their red, wrinkly skin and sour taste, this snack has a crunchy texture and a perfect level of sourness, making them ideal as a snack. 7 Premium Karikari Ume is very reasonably priced at only 138 JPY (incl. tax) and are made with large plums. They also have a long shelf life, making them great for long distance journeys. You can find them at 7-Eleven and other stores.

2. 7 Premium Sakusaku Shittori Choco

If you're a big fan of chocolate, this is the dagashi we recommend for you! The chocolate seeps into the crispy corn puff, making for a delicious crispy yet moist chocolate sweet as the translation of the name suggests ("crunchy moist chocolate"). But as well as the crispy texture, the fact that they come in bite-sized pieces is one of the reasons behind their popularity. Crispy dagashi need to come in bite-sized pieces or they crumble everywhere or dirty your mouth when you eat them. At 108 JPY (incl. tax), they are quite cheap, but one of the more elegant dagashi. You can find them at 7-Eleven stores.

3. TOPVALU Kuchidoke-no-yoi Choco-bou Snack

This one is definitely for chocolate fans who can't finish off a whole pack in one go. Despite being only 97 JPY (incl. tax), a single pack comes with 10 individually wrapped choco sticks which means you can enjoy as much as you want whenever you want, as well as making them great for sharing with your friends. The soft corn puff part of the sweet quickly melts in your mouth, leaving behind the delicious chocolate. They are so good you'll finish a packet before you realize. You can buy them at Mini Stop convenience stores.

4. Lawson Noukou Hitokuchi Sauce Katsu

When you think of katsu, the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people is tonkatsu made with fried pork, but these hitoguchi sauce katsu are actually made from ground fish cut into sheets of bite-sized pieces and fried. On top of this, they are flavored with the sweet Otafuku sauce which is usually put on okonomiyaki. As they are deep fried, they are a little oily, but as they come in bite-sized pieces, they don't sit heavily in your stomach and you can keep on enjoying them. At only 108 JPY (incl. tax), why not buy some to enjoy with a beer in your hotel room as you plan your next day's sightseeing? Available at Lawson convenience stores.

5. Tirol Choco

If you want to try all sorts of different flavors cheaply, why not try Tirol Choco? These small square bite-sized chocolates come in a whole range of flavors. There are also special seasonal flavors as well, but these are usually limited editions so make sure to try them when you get the chance. You might be thinking that you can't buy a lot, but the Tirol Choco sold at convenience stores start from 20 JPY(excl. tax) a piece. However, please remember the price varies depending on the type. You can also find Tirol Choco sold in different sizes at places other than convenience stores, and the price depends on the size. Why not try all sorts of different flavors to find your favorite?

In this article, we introduced some products that are very easy to buy, but if you go to a store, you can find even more dagashi and other sweets. Why not try them all and experience the real taste of Japan’s sweets?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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