4 Instant ramen that make perfect souvenirs

Instant ramen was born in Japan in 1971. Today, it is eaten all over the world and continues to evolve. It can be bought at supermarkets and convenience stores for the reasonable price of 100 to 200 JPY, which makes it a perfect souvenir. Here you will find a selection of 4 instant ramen varieties that we recommend.

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1. Nisshin Foods "Rao"

"Rao" is an instant ramen series by Nisshin Foods that offers authentic flavoring in its soup and noodles to the point that you may even have the illusion that you are eating at an actual ramen restaurant when you have them. The "non-fry" noodles (made without frying oil) are made following a unique method perfected through thousands of experiments, in order to offer a good texture to the bite. They usually have a fuller body, mingle better with the soup, and a springier texture than the noodles usually used in instant ramen. They feel almost like fresh noodles. The noodles do not go soggy easily in the soup, and they match all the soup varieties (shoyu (soy source), miso, shio (salt), tonkotsu (pork bone soup), and tonkotsu shoyu) outstandingly - they are delicious to the last bite! Getting them all as souvenirs to eat and compare them together with your friends is a great idea! *The actual product may differ from the picture.

2. Sugakiya Foods "Zenkoku-men Meguri"

In Japan, there are different flavors and types of ramen depending on the region. Sugakiya's "Zenkoku-men Meguri" series is a type of instant ramen created so that everybody can casually enjoy regional ramen from different areas in the comfort of their own home. There are 3 different types, all of which are very unique: "Toyama Black Ramen," jet black and seasoned generously with black pepper; "Odawara-kei Tantanmen," which has a salty and sweet flavored sauce-like thick soup that uses plenty of garlic; and "Nara Tenri Shoyu Ramen," whose soup is characterized by the blend of vegetables that give it flavor. They are sold mainly in Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Mie prefecture, and Shizuoka prefecture. Make sure you get some as a souvenir if you find them, so that you can give them a try!

2. Sugakiya Foods "Zenkoku-men Meguri"

3. Toyo Suisan "Maruchan Menzukuri"

Toyo Suisan's "Maruchan Menzukuri" series is a type of instant ramen characterized by its special noodles and a lightly flavored soup. The noodles, made using carefully selected ingredients, are not fried so they do not release oil into the soup, allowing you to enjoy its inherent flavor. The noodles are of different thickness to match each type of soup perfectly. There are 6 different flavors (chicken broth shoyu, awase miso, rich tonkotsu, chicken broth shio, tantanmen, shoyu tonkotsu). The "Chicken broth shoyu" is a standard flavor of ramen in Japan, which is especially recommended.

3. Toyo Suisan "Maruchan Menzukuri"

4. Oyatsu Company "Butamen"

"Butamen", by Oyatsu Company, are mini instant ramen portions that you can have as a snack. You will recognize them by the unique pig mascot on the package. The noodles are fried, but they are rather soft, and the soup has a light taste. There are 4 standard flavors: tonkotsu, shoyu, tanshio (salted tongue), and curry. They are small and easy to carry around. They are also cheaper than other types of instant ramen in general and, thanks to their cute packaging, make for great souvenirs. Depending on the shop, you may find them at the "Snack Corner," so make sure you look there.

4. Oyatsu Company "Butamen"

How did you like our selection? There are many different types of instant ramen, from full-on authentic ramen dishes to other types that you can have as a casual snack. Make sure you find your favorite!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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