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Osaka Specialty Dishes and Nightview! One of the World’s Top 20 Works of Architecture, Umeda Sky Building

Shin Umeda City in Umeda, Osaka, has offices, shops, movie theaters and an artificial forest in a vast area of 4.2 hectares (10.4 acres). In particular, Umeda Sky Building has garnered worldwide attention and accolades for its unique form. From the Kuchu-Teien Observatory on the 39th and 40th floors and the rooftop, there is a 360-degree panoramic view with no obstacles. Here, we introduce this tourist destination that offers gourmet dining, souvenirs, and Umeda's best night view.

Kuchu-Teien Observatory with a Fantastic 360-degree Panoramic View

Change to the tube-shaped see-through escalator on the 35th floor, and ride up to the Kuchuteien entrance on the 39th floor. There is a cafe, souvenir shop, and a restaurant where you can enjoy both outstanding gourmet food and the scenery. The open-air rooftop corridor, Sky Walk, is embellished by a shining "Rumi Sky Walk" that appears on the floor in the evening. <■Kuchu-Teien Observatory (Purchase tickets at the ticket counter on the 39th floor) / Entrance fees: 1,000 JPY/adult, 700 JPY/junior high school and high school, 500 JPY/elementary school, 200 JPY/pre-school>

The observatory is in the form of a corridor so that you can walk around it to enjoy the nightscape.

Shin Umeda City

1-1 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

From buildings such as Grand Front Osaka and HEP FIVE to the east to Yodogawa River to the west, Osaka Bay to the south, and Itami Airport to the north, the views from Kuchu-Teien Observatory are varied. The nightscape is beautiful, and the view of the setting sun is one that you won't want to miss.

【As an Osaka Souvenir!】An Umeda Sky Building 3D Puzzle (1,620 JPY), that can be constructed without any scissors or glue.

【As a Travel Memento!】You can get your names and the date engraved at no additional cost on this Heart Lock Fence (1,000 JPY). Attach it to the love lock fence on the rooftop Rumi Deck to wish for your love to be successful.

Osaka Specialties Available at the Restaurant City, Takimi Koji, on the B1 Floor

Takimi Koji, on the B1 Floor, has approximately 20 restaurants and coffee shops including those serving kushikatsu fried skewers and teppanyaki grill. It recreates a town in the early years of the Showa period, when Osaka was at its liveliest, so that visitors can enjoy feeling like they have traveled back in time.

The Umeda Sky Building branch of the famous Osaka okonomiyaki shop, Kiji. The Modern-yaki (830 JPY), has the perfect combination of thick noodles and fluffy dough, and the crunchiness of the cabbage whets the appetite. Be prepared to line up at the weekend.

The Shin Umeda City branch of the kushikatsu specialty restaurant, Kushinobo, has approximately 30 different seasonal kushikatsu skewers, including those with meats, vegetables, and seafood, available at any given time. The secret sauce blended with a slowly cooked soup is tasty. The Yamabuki course (2,970 JPY) of 10 skewers is popular in the evening.

The Shin Umeda City branch of Bashouan, a sweets shop selling creative wagashi sweets with a history of 148 years, offers a variety of sweets made with traditional techniques and carefully selected ingredients. The Honzukuri Warabimochi (1,100 JPY; comes with matcha green tea or coffee), that is enjoyed with kinako roasted soybean flour made from Tamba black soybeans, is a must try. Order the Honzukuri Warabimochi, and you'll get to experience using a stone mortar as well.

Shin Umeda City Retro Restaurant Town Takimi Koji

1-1 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 04.06.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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