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5 Spots for Autumn Foliage Around Osaka

Autumn is known for the turning of the leaves. The sight of the leaves changing color in areas of nature like mountains is so beautiful you'll be emotionally moved. Here are 5 areas around Osaka where you can see lovely foliage.


1. Minoh Falls (Osaka)

Minoh Falls, in Meiji no Mori Minoh Quasi-National Park, are one of Japan's top 100 falls and have a width of 5m and fall 33m. It's surrounded by lush nature, and it's also very popular as a hiking spot. You can walk the 4km from Minoh Station to Minoh Falls along the valley that slopes gently and enjoy the sight of the foliage spreading down the mountain and next to the water. The colorful sight of the foliage and the white splashes of water are an impressive combination! This is a must-see spot.

*The foliage's peak is from mid-November to beginning of December.

2. Katsuo-ji (Osaka)

Katsuo-ji's name means ""the temple that wins in every stage of life,"" so it's visited by people from all over the country that want to succeed at things like exams, sports, and business. It's also famous as a spot for autumn foliage, so in the autumn it's especially filled with people. The grounds are around 26ha, and the trees turning red and yellow look like a painting. The road heading towards the main building and the Nikaido building is a tunnel of foliage, and it's so beautiful you'll lose your breath. The scenery here is unforgettable.

*The foliage's peak is from mid-November to early December.

2. Katsuo-ji (Osaka)

3. Suma Rikyu Park (Hyogo)

Suma Rikyu Park in Kobe is a park that was built around the remains of Buka Rikyu, formerly an imperial villa. On these wide grounds, there's a garden where you can enjoy the scenery all year round as well as greenhouse plants, the garden remaining from the former villa, and beautiful flowers that bloom throughout the seasons. In the autumn, the 600 trees in and around the Japanese garden turn bright red, and many people that visit enjoy the sight. The 150m tree-lined road from the eastern gate creates a tunnel that if you walk through it you'll definitely feel the autumnal atmosphere.

*The foliage's peak is from mid-November to beginning of December

4. Doro-Haccho (Mie)

Dorokyo is a large valley that goes through Mie, Wakayama, and Nara prefectures. It's one part of the Yoshino-Kumano National Park, and it's split into Shimokyo, Kamikyo, and Okukyo. The part of Shimogyo called Dorohacchou is a popular spot for enjoying the impressive beauty of a valley thanks to the boulders and strangely shaped rocks lining it. It's registered both as a national special place of scenic beauty as well as a natural monument. In the fall, maple trees turn colors and the entire valley becomes vibrant. It's recommended that you use the water jet that travels from Shiko to Dorokyo for sightseeing. The contrast of the rough perpendicular cliffs and the foliage will truly teach you about the beauty of nature. It's a little far from Osaka, but you'll definitely see a wonderful sight that you'll be glad you didn't miss.

*The foliage's peak is from mid-November to early December.

5. Murouji (Nara)

Murouji was built in the later half of the Nara period, around 770, as the main temple of the Murouji school of the Shingon sect. It differs from Kongobuji, a temple in the same Shingon sect, as that one doesn't allow women and Murouji does. Because of that it's also called the Women's Koya and it has been loved by women since ancient times. From the foot of Mt. Murou to halfway up, it's studded with temple buildings, and in the autumn the colorful leaves decorate the buildings like the Kondo, registered as a national treasure, and the 5-story pagoda. While you can enjoy the foliage within the grounds from anywhere, the path from the arched bridge to the pagoda is especially impressive! Also, at night the pagoda and the trees are lit up, so you can enjoy a magical view different from the way it looks during the day.

*The foliage's peak is from mid-late November.

There are plenty of spots around Osaka where you can submerge yourself in nature. If you come to Osaka, please stretch your legs and take a trip around the outskirts. Scenery that will move you awaits.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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