Top 5 Fruit Picking Spots Near Osaka

As soon as the hot summer days are over, the harvest season of fall sets in. And during this season, you get to enjoy the luxury of eating the fresh fruits you harvest right there at the farm. Here are five spots in the outskirts of Osaka where you can go on a fruit picking adventure.

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1. Aguri Park Ryuo (Shiga)

Aguri Park Ryuo is where you can enjoy picking fruits and fresh vegetables in each season almost the whole year round. From August to October, you can harvest grapes and pears, and in November - December, the main attraction here is persimmon. Customers are allowed inside the park on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 9:00 am, so make sure to leave home early. The park is also home to a petting zoo, ground golf course and a lot of other facilities. The cafe restaurant Aguri-chan, where you can eat dishes that use carefully prepared Oumi beef and Oumi rice that was cultivated in Ryuou, is also recommended.
Entrance fees: Adults: 1,200 JPY (grapes and pears), Adults: 1,000 JPY (persimmon, with three extras as souvenirs)

2. Hakusuien (Nara)

At Hakusuien, you can enjoy picking a wide variety of juicy pears from August 20 until early November (until November 3 in 2016). You pick the number of pears corresponding to the admission fee you pay, and then you either eat the pears you harvested on the table or take them home with you. Even sudden downpours won't dampen the mood here as they have tables with roofs. There are many historical sites nearby, too, so it is recommended to take a stroll around during your fruit picking adventure. There are bicycles for rent in front of Asuka Station, which is nearest to the park, and Kashiharajingu-mae Station, so how about riding on bikes while you explore?

Entrance fee: Middle school students and older: 1,500 JPY (five pears)

*The types of pears are Kousui, Nijisseiki, Housui and Akizuki. In case of other varieties, the number that can be picked and their price will vary.

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3. Kashiwara-shi Kankou Budou Center (Osaka)

From August 10 (Wed.) until October 15 (Sat.) in 2016, you can enjoy grape picking at the Kashiwara-shi Kankou Budou Center every day. They have set up an information desk in front of Kashiwara Station on the JR Yamatoji Line and at the Higashikawa Ekimae rotary in front of Ando Station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line and they have stationed staff members there for guests. Just approach the staff and they will take you to the grape farm for free. There is no time limit and you can eat as many grapes as you want inside, so pack a lunch and relax while enjoying the park. If you want to take home some grapes, you have to pay for them at market value. The large grape varieties are sold separately.

Entrance fee: Adult: 1,100 JPY

*Photo is for illustration purposes

3. Kashiwara-shi Kankou Budou Center (Osaka)

4. Kande Kankou Budou-en (Hyogo)

Kande Kankou Budou-en is a vineyard where you can pick grapes from late August until late September. At the Kande Sougou Kankou Nouen, the fruits hang lower than usual and can be easily picked, so even little children and people in wheelchairs can have fun harvesting them. The toilets also feature a universal design, so you can feel relaxed while picking grapes.

*Kande Sougou Kankou Nouen is the general term for farm shops that open for fruit picking in partnership with local farmers. There are farm shops for pears, sweet potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables, and in one day, you can go to several of them.

Entrance fee: Adults: 1,000 JPY

*Photo is for illustration purposes

5. Kobe Fruit & Flower Park (Hyogo)

Centering on buildings and gardens with a Renaissance vibe reminiscent of medieval Europe, the Kobe Fruit & Flower Park is a theme park for flowers and fruits where different flowers bloom every season and where you can enjoy fruit picking from summer until fall. You can pick grapes in August, pears from mid-August to September, and apples from late September to late October. Inside the park, you will find facilities like the Otogi no Kuni amusement park which offers many rides that cost somewhere between 200 JPY and 400 JPY per ride, the Kobe Monkeys Theater where you can watch comical monkey shows, and hot spring baths, so you can have fun here the whole day.

Entrance fees: Adults: 1,000 JPY (grapes and pears), Adults: 600 JPY (apples)

*You will need to pay 500 JPY as security deposit for the shears that will be used for picking grapes. It will be returned to you when you give back the shears. *There is a charge if you want to take home the fruits. They do not allow guests to come here just to purchase fruits for souvenirs.

5. Kobe Fruit & Flower Park (Hyogo)

If you decide to go fruit picking, you might find it useful to bring a leisure seat and some wet tissues. When you take part in these fruit picking events, wear clothes and shoes that will let you move freely so that it would be easier to pick fruits.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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