5 Recommended Power Spots in Osaka

In Osaka there are many power spots that are miraculously effective at everything from marriage bonds to warding off evil. Here are 5 recommended power spots.


1. Sumiyoshi Taisha

There are about 2,300 Sumiyoshi Taisha shrines nationwide and this one is the head shrine. It boasts over 1,800 years of history is one of Osaka’s most prominent shrines. We recommend attractions like the 4 main buildings which are designated national treasures and the Taiko Bridge, which is affectionately known as Sorihashi. Although the structure is quite steep, if you cross this bridge, it is said to cleanse you from your sins and impurities. In addition, at the base of a camphor tree over 1,000 years old, is the thriving Nankun-sha where the deity Inari is enshrined (Inari is a god who takes the form of a white fox and has been worshipped since ancient times). Known as the god of safety and well-being for the home and family, it is a strong power spot for the Osakan people as well as people from abroad. Also, among the gravel inside the Gosho Gozen fence around the shrine, there are small stones with the characters for “five", "big," and "power” written on them. It is said that if you gather all three of them, it will protect you and grant your wish. If you have time, it might be amusing to search for them.

2. Horikoshi Shrine

This has been a well-known power spot in Osaka ss a shrine where you can as your once-in-a-lifetime wish. Although it runs along the main Tanimachi-suji road that cuts north and south through Osaka, the compound has a quiet air. This shrine was founded by Prince Shotoku with Shitennouji as he made many policies and efforts to spread Buddhism, so it is a shrine whose compact grounds have over 1,400 years of noble history. It is said that if you touch the bark of the 500 year old sacred camphor tree, you can receive power. So if weary souls and persons with low energy were to gently touch the tree, they just might gain some benefits.

3. Hiraoka Shrine

This shrine, close to the Nara/Osaka border, is surrounded by the trees of Ikoma Sanroku and has a dignified atmosphere. It has a long history, and is said to be founded 3 years before Japan’s first Emperor took the throne (663 BC). Also, it is said to share the same deity with the World Heritage Kasuga Taisha in Nara (in Shinto gods can be divided among shrines), making it a shrine with ancient and noble history. The enshrined deity Ame-no-Koyane-no-mikoto (the god of prayer), grants success in studies, better fortune, warding off evil, and granting your most earnest desires. If you have a major test or a strong wish, it might be good to pay a visit to this highly prestigious shrine.

4. Shitennouji

This temple was established over 1,400 years ago, along with the World Heritage Horyuji, by Prince Shotoku. Since it was frequently destroyed by fires or war, there are no original parts remaining. However, it is still ranked as one of Japan’s oldest full-fledged Buddhist temples along with Horyuji. The eccentric Omokaru Jizo enshrined in the Rokujiraisandou entrance is a must-see. Make a wish before the Jizo statue and pick it up at its base. It is said that if you think the statue is “light”, then your wish will be granted but if you think it’s “heavy” then the time is not right to grant your wish. However, since it’s the same as a god that people believe in, please handle it politely without throwing it back down.

5. Shomanin

This shrine was established in the year 593, and since the deity Aizen Myoo is enshrined in its main structure, it is also commonly referred to as Aizendou. Aizen Myoo is famous as being the god of good matchmaking and marriage harmony and it is said that if you drink the “Aizen-no-reisui” on the grounds, your heart’s desire will be fulfilled so many women from all over visit this shrine to pray for a good match. Also, if a couple discuss love in front of the sacred marriage tree “Aizen Katsura,” then the legend goes that no matter what happens, they will have a happy ending. Recommended for people who want to fulfill their heart’s desire, wish to meet a wonderful partner, and of course, for lovers.

What did you think? There seem to be many beneficial power spots in Osaka! Fit some into your travel itinerary and why not see if your luck grows?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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