5 Must-visit tourist attractions in Osaka

In Osaka, there are all kinds of tourist attractions such as places that offer Osaka’s gourmet foods, sites where you can learn about its rich history and venues where you can get hands on with cutting-edge technology. In this article we will tell you about some must-visit tourist attractions for your trip to Osaka. Add them to your travel itinerary and be guaranteed to have a great time in Osaka.

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1. Osaka Castle Park

A vast park located near the center of Osaka. The building referred to as a “Japanese castle” is called either a “tenshu” or “tenshu-kaku” (both meaning a castle tower). They were rarely used for inhabitance, but rather to show off power. The area that is now used as the park was once part of Osaka castle too. Much of the castle was restored after the Second World War, but there remain some historical buildings of original construction. The tenshu has eight floors and there are exhibitions detailing the life and times of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the founder of the castle. The admission fee for the castle is 600 JPY and is open 9am to 5pm. The view of Osaka city from the observatory on the top floor is really worth a look!

Osaka castle in spring cherry blossom season

1. Osaka Castle Park

2. Kaiyukan

Among the many aquariums in Japan, one of the largest in size is “Kaiyukan”. The aquarium is still pretty big compared with other aquariums in the world, so you will need a substantial amount of time to see everything completely. This explains why the place attracts many repeat visitors. In this eight floor building, there are 14 water tanks centered around one gigantic aquarium that simulates the Pacific Ocean. In these tanks, there are 30,000 fish and sea animals representing 620 species including the most popular whale shark. They can be all observed in environments close to their natural habitats. From 5pm, a program which magically pairs lights and music called “Night Ocean” starts. You will get to observe how cutely sea otters and penguins sleep at night.

3. Dotonbori

Presumably, what comes to many people’s minds when they hear “Osaka” is “Dotonbori” with its flashy neon signs. Along Dotonbori canal, there are many restaurants offering Osaka delicacies and shops for groceries and souvenirs. Just walk along the street and you will get to enjoy restaurant-hopping and also shopping. The bustling noises of the city, the crowds of people and the gleaming signs at night in the area will be an astonishingly impressive experience for you. Though they are both metropolitans, in Osaka you will find yourself immersed in a bit different atmosphere from Tokyo.

4. Kuchu Teien Tenbo-dai (Floating Garden Observatory)

“Umeda Sky Building” with the “Kuchu tenbo-dai (Floating Garden Observatory)” on the 40th floor, stands in Umeda, the central part of Osaka. From over 170m up, you will get a 360 degree view overlooking the Osaka Plains. As the name “garden” implies, one of its characteristic is that you can enjoy the view outdoors in the open-air. In the observatory, a corridor called “Lumi Sky Walk” is a must-visit place. While it’s a nice place to visit during the day, it’s even better around sunset and at night. Since the building is so close to high-rise buildings and commercial areas which emit many colors, you will feel as if you were flooded in light. It is breathtaking to watch how the city gets brighter as the sky gets darker.

4. Kuchu Teien Tenbo-dai (Floating Garden Observatory)

5. Universal Studio Japan

Themed around popular Hollywood movies, the park also features characters including Sesame Street, Snoopy and Hello Kitty. In addition, the park incorporates globally beloved content such as “ONE PIECE”, “Attack on Titan (Shingeki-no Kyojin )”, “Biohazard” and “Monster Hunter”. The entertainment that they offer using some of the world’s best quality content is very popular with visitors. With easy access from Osaka station, for many tourists this amusement park is a must-go destination .

5. Universal Studio Japan

How did you like the places listed above? There so many hos spots in Osaka for tourists to visit. Plan well ahead, and have a great time in Osaka.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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