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【Osaka Tourism】Seven Uniquely Osaka Souvenir Items Available at Stations and Airports

If you visit Osaka as a tourist, you'll definitely want to get some Osaka souvenirs. So we introduce unique items you won't regret getting, that can be purchased at Shin-Osaka Station, Kansai Airport, and Itami Airport! <*The information is from Osaka KankoWalker (issued June 17, 2016)>

Great Impact! Must Have Kuidaore Taro Goods

Bandages (324 JPY for 10) of the Osaka mascot, Kuidaore Taro. It has a gaudy design and is sure to catch everyone's attention when used! There are five designs, so you can choose based on your mood.

Strap with Glittering Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle Tear-Shaped with Bell and Gold Base (378 JPY) is a glittering and cute strap of Osaka's symbolic Osaka Castle. It's so cute it can be used as an accessory item and has a uniquely Osaka design that is perfect as a souvenir!

Benefit from the Happiness Diety at Your Feet

Billiken Socks (432 JPY) with the design of the deity of happiness, Billiken. Billiken was actually created in the US and cultivated in Osaka, and one benefits from caressing the back of his feet. You'll always be happy wearing Billiken goods!

An Osaka-Style Chick

The Stuffed Hiyoko-chan (864 JPY each) sold only at the Chicken Ramen antenna shop, Chikira House. The version that has takoyaki balls in one hand is particularly popular as aptly representing Osaka!

Cards to Learn All About the Osakans!

Common Sense Card of Osaka (540 JPY). You can learn all about Osaka, from the local dialect, unusual names of places, and the characteristics of Osakans, just by playing cards. It may include interesting information even people from Osaka don't know!

Kansai Airport Collaborates with that Airline!

KIX x Airline Collaboration Notebook (540 JPY), is a series of approximately 30 cute notebooks that Kansai International Airport created in collaboration with airline companies from around the world. The airline codes and logos are cute and will brighten up your studies!

A Cool Bag Perfect for Everyday Use

Kansai International Airport's original IX Original Tote Bag (1,080 JPY). The design is based on "hello" from around the world, and has images such as of the Eiffel Tower.

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.03.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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