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[PR] Introducing the Premium Version of a Popular Japanese Gummy Candy, cororo

Japan is home to many gummy brands, with “CORORO” being one of the more popular ones. Recently, there’s been a buzz over a new and improved version of this particular gummy brand. This premium version, spelled in lowercase as “cororo”, can be found at Hankyu Umeda Main Branch in Osaka. People love how it feels on the tongue, as well as how it tastes almost like real fruit! Next time you visit Osaka, keep an eye out for these gummies!

They’re Surprisingly Popular with Tourists!

These premium gummies differ from your average bunch in several ways. First, they don’t use any sugar, only 100% fruit extract! Second, the packaging has been renewed to include a zipper and make it easier to carry. There are also flavors that are only available during certain seasons! Let’s not forget about their beautiful shape, delicious taste, and improved juiciness and texture. All of these points have made these gummy candies popular not only with Japanese people, but also with tourists, who buy a ton all at once as souvenirs!

The Evolution of CORORO: cororo!

Note the change from uppercase to lowercase! These special treats are the evolved version of CORORO, and can be found at Hankyu Umeda Main Branch in Osaka. Compared to the regular version (right in the picture), they look a lot bigger and more transparent. When you open the bag, a strong fruity scent will waft out. You’ll definitely fall in love with how cute they look! Even though they’re gummies, they feel kind of like jelly on the tongue, so it should be easy to eat them right up! They even have juicy fruit pieces inside, and have been improved so they are even more juicy and fruity - truly, a gummy innovation!

Two New Series are Set to Debut this Fall!

This fall will see the debut of two brand-new series of this gummy, as the brand works hard to meet demands for an even deeper fruity flavor: the Baked Series and the Chocolate Baked Series. Both of these series incorporate the flavors of baked fruits, leading to a product with even more depth of flavor than before. In particular, the chocolate-coated Chocolate Baked Series consists of combinations in which the richness and sweetness of the chocolate perfectly brings out the flavors of the baked fruits! The taste and texture of these unique gummies will surely change the way you think about gummies forever!

The Editorial Team Actually Tried Eating Some!

To see what they actually tasted like, the whole editorial team decided to try them out! They’re incredibly knowledgeable about Japanese souvenirs and food, so their responses are bound to be interesting!

Kyoho Grape Flavor

The premium Kyoho grape (an expensive variety of grapes grown in Japan) cororo differs from the regular version in its juiciness and fruitiness. It tastes as if you’re eating the actual fruit! This could be because it actually uses the extract of Kyoho grapes from Nagano Prefecture. Even with just one bite, a rich sweetness will spread through the mouth. You’ll also be able to smell a mellow, fruity scent. The editorial team noted that it felt as if they were drinking grape juice!

Shine Muscat Flavor

Doesn’t it look like a marble that children would play with? It’s not as sweet as the Kyoho grape flavor, but you can easily enjoy its high-class sweetness and faint scent. It also smells extremely good. Apparently, shine muscats from Nagano Prefecture were used to make it.

Baked Orange

The Baked Orange flavor is quite juicy, and its subdued orange color will surely make you think about the fall. You will be greeted by the refreshing scent of citrus as soon as you open the bag. Pop one into your mouth, and you will get to enjoy the subtle acidity and perfect level of sweetness. There is even orange peel inside, giving this variety a refined yet enjoyable bitterness as well.

Baked Strawberry

The Baked Strawberry variety has an incredibly deep flavor, and tastes like a delightful pocket of high-quality and slightly acidic strawberry jam. Biting into one will let you enjoy the unique texture of a real strawberry, and the full-bodied fragrance of the gummy will fill your mouth.

Chocolate Baked Strawberry

The editorial team was worried that combining chocolate with a gummy would mask the fruity flavor of the gummy, but those fears went away after the first bite! The chocolate coating around the cororo is truly a perfect match, as it really brings out both the scent and natural taste of the strawberry. The bittersweet flavor of the chocolate continues to develop in your mouth after eating, giving this variety a refined taste. If you give this variety to a loved one, they will surely be thrilled!

Chocolate Baked Figs

This was the flavor that the editorial team were most excited to try, as figs are not as common as the other fruits used in the cororo series. The chocolate coating on this variety is covered with small bits of real flesh from baked figs, creating a cute appearance. Once you take a bite, you will be able to enjoy the perfect combination of the chocolate and juicy fig, which has a refreshing sweetness and depth, while the wonderful fragrance fills your mouth. The team members who had never tried fig before were very impressed by the texture and sweetness of this variety.

The Packaging is Also Luxurious!

If you purchase a box with only one flavor inside, there’ll be 4 packs (each with 2 gummies) of the chosen flavor (except for the Chocolate Baked Series, which includes 6 bags with one gummy per bag).The golden packaging has a water droplet pattern and manages to look both luxurious and cute. Since it’s been separated into smaller portions, you can eat everything now or give a couple to your friends or family as souvenirs!

There are also smaller boxes with either 3 or 6 packs of varying flavors inside, which are called “Assort Gift Box” (picture shows the 6-pack box).

There is also a Happy Box, of which limited quantities are available each day. This, too, has 6 packs of the Baked Chocolate series and 4 packs of everything else.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to something special or you just need to find a present, these are a great option!

You Can Do More With Them Than Just Eat Them!

If you look at the official website for the regular CORORO, you’ll find a section where they introduce different ways you can try eating the gummy. For example, you can have it with a milky drink, cider, red wine, brandy, and even sake (Japanese rice wine)! Now, imagine that you try all of these combinations with the premium “cororo” instead. Without a doubt, it’ll taste even better! During the summer, you could even try freezing it and eating it that way! But before you do that, make sure to try it out just as it is!

Purchase cororo at Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Osaka!

You can find the premium “cororo” being sold at the exclusive “cororo” store on B1F of the easily accessible Hankyu Umeda Main Branch. Seeing the colorful “cororo” lined up on cutely designed shelves will have you itching to purchase them. Next time you visit the Umeda area of Osaka, give these special “cororo” a try!

Product Name: cororo
Price: 540 yen/each
Store Name: Hankyu Umeda Main Branch (cororo Store in the Western Confectionery section of B1F)
Operating Hours: Falls in line with Hankyu Umeda Main Branch
Closing Days: Falls in line with Hankyu Umeda Main Branch
Address: B1F, 8-7 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka (Google Map)
Access: Around a 3-minute walk from Umeda Station on the Hankyu Railway or Hanshin Electric Railway
Around a 4-minute walk from JR Osaka Station
cororo Official Website (Japanese):
Hankyu Umeda Main Branch Official Website (English):
Hankyu Umeda Main Branch Official Website (Traditional Chinese):

If you’ve eaten the regular version before, then the next time you visit Osaka, drop by Hankyu Umeda Main Branch to try the new and improved version! You just might get addicted to its texture and flavor!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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