Cheap and Cute! 5 Must-Visit Variety Stores in Osaka

Osaka is a metropolitan city that is extremely popular among tourists visiting Japan. Many people who visit are interested in checking out Umeda, Namba and other bustling shopping districts. Below are five general merchandise stores in Osaka that offer affordable and adorable items.

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1. Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a brand of general merchandise that was first established in Denmark. It has four stores in Osaka, including the ones in Umeda and America-mura. The miscellaneous goods that fill the store are all colorful, with great designs. Every month, around 300 new items appear on the shelves. As for the type of products they carry, they cover a wide range including stationery, toys, interior decorations and party supplies. The shop also sells items that have received design awards, all at reasonable prices.

2. AIDA general store

AIDA general store is a chain of lifestyle shops that offers items to help you live a happy and fulfilled life. Their branches are mainly found in the Kansai region, with three of its stores in Osaka – Umeda, Namba and Kuzuha. They sell select items from domestic and foreign brands that are simple in design, yet stylish. This shop offers a wide array of products, from tableware, interior decorations, gardening supplies, stationery and other lifestyle goods, to fine clothes, bags and accessories.

3. salut!

A shop offering simple and natural items at affordable prices, mainly interior goods, salut! has five stores in Osaka, including those in Umeda, Namba and EXPOCITY. Inside the store, you will find many items that will help make your home look fancy, such as tables and chairs made with wood and iron, antique-style tin buckets and enameled metal kitchen utensils. They also sell refillable bottles for things like detergents, which have become a sensation on social media due to their stylish appearance, as well as brushes, rollers and other tools essential in DIY projects.

4. Natural Kitchen & (and)

Natural Kitchen is a shop that sells items that they have planned, designed and purchased themselves for 100 JPY (excl. tax). Natural Kitchen & (and) is its sister brand. Their selection includes a wide range of products that are hard to believe are 100 JPY, such as large baskets and tableware. It carries kitchen goods with a natural style, bath and aroma products, gardening supplies and other goods. They have four branches in Osaka, including the ones in Umeda, Namba and Tennoji. Of their stores, the one in LUCUA 1100 is a select shop that sells handpicked popular items, as well as exclusively offering fashion and interior products such as accessories, bags, and mini furniture.


3COINS is a shop that mainly carries 300 JPY (excl. tax) general goods, ranging from items with basic designs, to colorful products. They offer a wide array of products, including kitchen tools, tableware, bath and laundry goods, interior supplies and fashion items. This brand has many branches in Osaka, which includes those in Umeda and Tennoji. In the Namba and Shinsaibashi areas, they have shops that offer the 3COINS range, as well as the 3COINS +plus line which includes some simple furniture, so make sure to drop by.

If you who want to get hold of interior goods, kitchen tools and other cute general items, check out the shops featured in this article.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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