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When in Osaka, Shop Here! Full Guide to LUCUA 1100

After touring around Osaka, most people want to go shopping! This article introduces LUCUA 1100, which is a popular shopping facility that has all the latest fashion, goods, and cosmetics.

What is LUCUA 1100?

LUCUA 1100 is a commercial facility located within LUCUA Osaka, which is directly adjacent to JR Osaka Station. This shopping center provides the latest fashion styles to people of all ages – from youngsters who are keen on trends to pickier adults. The shops here sell the latest fashion and goods, while some other places offer popular sweets. You may find restaurants as well. They are famous both nationwide and abroad. You may find stores here that have opened for the first time in the country, in Western Japan, or in the Kansai area, so it’s a good idea to drop by if you are coming to Osaka. The information desk offers help in English, Chinese, and Korean.

What is LUCUA 1100?

3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


If you are looking for fashion items, then ESTNATION for ladies and men on the 3rd floor is recommended. The clothes here encase the energy of Tokyo, the city of constant change, and transmit it to the rest of the world. You might also want to check out isetan Closet on the 4th floor. Here, you will find a huge number of new designer brands that are local to Japan, such as tricot COMME des GARCONS. On the B1F, you will find the popular fast fashion brands, UNIQLO and GU.


If you are looking for miscellaneous items, then Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten on the 7th floor is the right pick. Here, you will find lifestyle items that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The store also handles items from craft-makers nationwide. On the 2nd floor, you will find the shop, NIPPON-ICHI, that sells the latest Japanese souvenirs. Here, you will be able to select from various items, such as knick-knacks that have been created in the image of folk toys and Japanese-patterned handkerchiefs. On the 7th floor, you will find Flying Tiger Copenhagen, which was founded in Northern Europe, and features imaginative yet reasonably-priced goods.


If you are interested in cosmetics, then @cosme store on the 2nd floor is the place to go. This is a store from Japan's largest make-up review website, @cosme. You can test most of the make-up that is displayed here. You can find a corner with rankings of the make-up products to make it easier to know which products are popular. It is also worth it to check out isetan Cosmetics on the same floor. This is a cosmetics store that features specially-selected body and skincare items, in addition to make-up, regardless of brands.

Take a Break Here

Try out the MARFA CAFE on the same floor as isetan Closet (4th floor) if you are looking for a place to rest while shopping. This place also comes with a coffee stand for your convenience. You may select from certain sweets, such as pancakes, as you take a break. You may want to try out Sarabeth's on the B1F as well. This popular restaurant originates from New York, and offers dishes like eggs benedict and French toast. On the 2nd floor, you will find Max Brenner, which is a chocolate shop from Israel. Have some chocolate drinks or chocolate-flavored sweets to relieve you of your fatigue.


LUCUA Osaka is the largest shopping facility found inside a station within the whole country, and is comprised of LUCUA 1100 to the west and LUCUA to the east. After shopping at LUCUA 1100, how about stopping over at LUCUA? LUCUA mainly targets working women who have a taste for fashion and trends. It offers luxurious day-to-day items at a reasonable price, as well as high-end lifestyle goods. Here, you will find about 200 shops that sell fashion items.

You will find a huge number of duty-free shops at LUCUA. Please enjoy your shopping to the fullest!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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