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5 Recommended Shops in Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan, is full of services for foreign visitors as well as shopping! Here are 5 recommended shops where you can buy cosmetics and Japanese sweets as souvenirs.


1. Kokumin Drugs

This is a drugstore chain that has a wide variety of products, from medicines and cosmetics to foodstuffs and daily necessities. This particular branch differs from regular drugstores in that they offer electrical appliances and traditional goods for foreign tourists. They sell items including Japanese-like miscellaneous goods like chopsticks and folding fans as well as Hello Kitty goods, so it's perfect for souvenirs. In the Foreign Customer's Salon, they make shopping easy by offering tax-free shopping as well as a shipping service. They have a luggage storage service, an attendant that will translate for you as you shop (reservation needed), and other services that you can enjoy.

*Photo is of the Shin-Ibaraki branch.

2. Dr.Ci:Labo

This is a cosmetics brand that focuses on skincare. They mainly offer naturally-derived basic cosmetics, as well as body care products and supplements. The Aqua Collagen Gel, their most famous product, takes care of all the steps of skincare after you wash your face from moisturizing to priming in just one go. It's full of collage, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides, so it's extremely moisturizing. This is a recommended item that can help grant your dreams of moisturized, beautiful skin, thanks to simple skincare.


The concept of this shop is "become beautiful using Asian beauty." This cosmetics brand uses the wisdom of Asia and Chinese-Japanese flora to create a unique approach to treating skin problems. Ayura offers holistic care for skin, body, and mind. They have facial care products that you can choose based on your skin's condition, body and hair care, as well as "inner care." Why not aim to fulfill their proposal of "lively, growing beauty" for your whole body?

*Photo is an example of their products.

4. CLUB HARIE B-studio

CLUB HARIE is famous for their baumkuchen. The brand that was created from that baumkuchen is CLUB HARIE B-studio. The reason it's so popular is its incredibly fluffy texture and rich taste. The moderately-sweet dough is coated with sugar, so the crunchy texture is another accent. They offer them both whole and in slices, so it's perfect for souvenirs for families and friends.

5. Ginso

This is a baked sweet that's famous in Osaka as "castella Ginso." Castella is a sponge cake that was brought over by the Portuguese and was reinvented by the Japanese. While it's originally from Nagasaki, Ginso is known for its moist melt-in-your-mouth, fine-grained texture that Nagasaki castella doesn't have. The ingredients are all carefully selected, including domestic eggs, highly pure sugar refined by their own company, and a special blend of wheat flour. There's the delicious plain type as well as Japanese flavors like matcha and brown sugar.

*Photo is of the Shinsaibashi main branch.

Abeno Harukas is very near both JR and subway stations, so it's easy to access. There are plenty of facilities in the building, including an observation deck and restaurants. In the area there are other sights like Tsutenkaku and Tennouji Zoo, so please make your way over!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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