5 Shops Where You Can Buy Trendy Hats in Umeda, Osaka

People who enjoy fashion by adding hats to their looks are on the increase, and so are specialized stores and shops offering unique and original hats! In this article we will be featuring 5 boutiques where you can buy hats from Japanese brands in Umeda, Osaka.

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1. MAOZI Yodobashi-Umeda

If you like hats, MAOZI is a shop you should visit at least once. We recommend this shop to those looking for hats that will make you want to pick them up before you can even think about it. MAOZI is especially particular about its hats, from choosing the materials to the design process, and their products are all an expression of love as the embroidery is done by hand by the artisans one by one. The concept of the shop is to provide "timeless hats that can be enjoyed regardless of the trends." In the store, you will find not only original products like those in the picture, but also rare designer hats from the US and Germany, which may make you want to give hats a try even if you do not wear them regularly. The product lineup features plenty of different designs for both men and women, including beanies, large caps (casquettes), and berets. Enjoy communicating with the staff, as they can provide you with suggestions and knowledge so that you will look your best in your hat!

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2. CA4LA Hankyu Umeda

CA4LA (read "Kashira") is famous as both a hat boutique and a Japan-based hat manufacturer. In this store you will find a lineup of high quality hats that will enhance your fashion experience. The Hankyu Umeda branch is one of the few shops that count the CA4LA Bridal Party line among its products. Their kids line, which includes matching hats for parents and children, and other cute designs, is a must-see too. Sizes range from 3 years old to 7 years old, and some of the hats can be adjusted, so make sure to try them out! The store on the 3rd Floor (Fashion Floor) features 100% handmade limited edition items and hats from imported brands that cannot be found in other shops. Besides its Hankyu Umeda shops, CA4LA has two other stores in Osaka, located respectively in GRAND FRONT OSAKA and LUCUA OSAKA.

*The picture features the CA4LA Shibuya branch.

2. CA4LA Hankyu Umeda

3. override LUCUA 1100

override LUCUA 1100 store makes it a point to preserve the unique hat culture of Japan. The shop's theme is "SENSE OF JAPAN" and, accordingly, here you will find a line of simple and user-friendly designs that include caps, beanies, and raffia hats whose material selections and productions have been taken care of to the utmost detail for ultimate comfort when wearing them. In addition, override's collaborations with famous brands, designs, and artists, such as the internationally renowned PEANUTS, are very popular, which makes them a must see. Besides their original brand, the shop also offers a plentiful selection of imported hats and hat care goods that will allow you to wear your hats for a longer time in their best condition. override has 3 other stores in Osaka, located in the Hankyu Men's Building, Minami Horie, and Grand Front Osaka.

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4. Kaorinomori Umeda

Kaorinomori Umeda writes its brand name in katakana so that anybody in the world seeing their products will know that it is a Japanese brand. The designs are targeted at girls, and the product lineup features not only hats but also plenty of fashion goods and accessories. Here you can enjoy building up a whole look to go with your hat, so you may spend more time at the shop than you were actually planning to. In addition, the shop carries out a "Kyogyo" (collaboration) once every two months, in which they team up with artists and brands from a variety of backgrounds and industries to create unique hats that you may not see anywhere else. Most of their "Kyogyo" hats are one-of-a-kind, which makes them truly unique. Prices vary depending on the collection, but most of the hats released so far ranged between 3,000 JPY and 7,000 JPY, which is quite a nice price for a unique product.

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*This brand is sold at override LUCUA 1100


If you are looking for a unique hat, we recommend JAM HOUSE. This is a sister shop to the store next door, GEAR'S JAM, and it offers an attractive lineup targeted at young generations in their teens and early twenties. Their products include cool and light hats, accessories, and backpacks that look like they could be on an American school TV series. Here you can sway along to the jazz groove playing in the background while you enjoy shopping for your own original hat. In addition, a visit to JAM HOUSE means you can also have a look at GEAR'S JAM next door, a store that has branches all over the country, so you get to see more hats in just one visit.

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Did you enjoy the article? There are many hat shops for both men and women of all generations in Osaka. How about choosing a lovely hat as a keepsake or a souvenir from your fun trip to Japan?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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