5 Stylish Inexpensive Shops in Osaka

Recently in Japan, instead of 100 Yen shops, inexpensive shops carrying items for 300 JPY - 500 JPY have been increasing. Here are 5 stylish inexpensive shops you should check out in Osaka.

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3COINS is a nationwide franchise that carries items for about 300 JPY (excl. tax). They carry a wide variety of items like kitchen goods, interior goods, accessories, clothing, and even dieting products. Everything is such high quality you'll think "is this really only 300 JPY?" and that characteristic gives them a lot of repeat customers. Their tights are especially popular and have been featured in magazines often. Since they have almost everything, it's very popular with travelers. If you suddenly realize that you've forgotten something, you should look in 3COINS first. You'll definitely be able to find the item you need at a reasonable price. The store in Osaka's Hep Five is rather large so it has quite a few items. *The photo does not feature the Hep Five store, but rather a Tokyo branch.

2. colle

colle is 3COINS' sister brand, and mostly offers lifestyle and interior goods. Many Japanese girls love the store for how cute their items are. Even though they are very particular about the designs and quality of their items, most of their items are 300 JPY (excl. tax), though some of the interior items can go up to 1,000 JPY (excl. tax). Their accessories are especially popular, and many people buy a lot to match their moods that day. Their interior goods, tableware, and laundry items are also really cute and useable so you should check it out. For people who aren't satisfied with the 100 yen shop, you'll definitely be able to find something here! There are two stores in Osaka (in Osaka and Sakai), and both of them are inside Aeon Malls.

3. CouCou

CouCou is a stylish shop offering all sorts of items like kitchen goods, interior goods, bath goods, flower bouquets, stationery, accessories, and sweets for 300 JPY (excl. tax). There's one store connected to the subway Nanba Station called CouCou Nanba Walk. The store mainly targets women, and the nice designs combined with the high quality make it full of items that seem like they would normally cost more than 1,000 JPY but are actually only 300 JPY (excl. tax)! Usually if you buy a lot of kitchen items all at once it ends up being expensive, but here you can buy tableware and cutlery sets at a reasonable price, so you can easily decorate your kitchen using items from here. Another product that many people buy in bulk is their non-slip hangers (3 in a set), very popular for storage purposes. What about something from here as a souvenir?

4. Mikazuki Momoko

Mikazuki Momoko, a store targeted towards teen girls, is an inexpensive shop that skews younger and is more colorful than the previous shops in this article. Its cost-performance is quite good, making it very popular with Japanese teens. They have many items like cosmetics and accessories, smartphone cases, and character goods like Sanrio and Disney. Many of the items are limited edition, so they sell out pretty quickly. Because of this, if you find something you like, you should probably buy it that day because it may be gone when you come back. There are 20 branches in Osaka, so definitely stop by one close to where you're sightseeing.

5. Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen from Denmark is a famous miscellaneous goods store that sells the majority of their stylish, Scandinavian goods for 500 JPY or less. Their colorful tableware and interior goods have earned popularity throughout Japan, and there are three branches within Osaka. The stores are designed with playfulness in mind, so just being in there makes you feel like you're inside a toy box. Something that's fun is going there with your family or friends and finding unique items that you all like and getting excited together! There are more than 2000 items, including kitchenware, interior goods, stationery, and fashion items. Their butter cookies and waffles are also delicious snacks, so give them a try.

Even though they're called inexpensive shops, they are actually almighty shops that carry almost anything that are particular about their cute designs and quality. Now that you understand how special these shops are, go look for your perfect item!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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