6 Fashionable and Unique Miscellaneous Shops in Osaka

When you stumble upon a fashionable, unique store in the middle of your shopping, it brightens your day, doesn't it? Here are some miscellaneous goods shops in Osaka that we recommend for that experience.

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1. Kagure

Kagure is a store that offers products that deliver a natural and harmonious way of living to people who enjoy all sorts of lifestyles. There are many items that allow you to feel nature, such as clothes made of organic cotton, natural cosmetics, and products made of wood and bamboo. The store's interior is also made to with natural products, so it has the effect of making you feel relaxed just after you enter. There's a small cafe with only two seats, but if the seats are open, you can have a small break here in the middle of your sightseeing.

2. fellows

fellows is a fashionable select shop (a store that gathers specially selected products from a number of brands) that is user-friendly and rather playful. The store is overflowing with items like stationary and interior goods, simple and refined handbags, and even wallets and accessories. Many of the items are unisex, so it's a perfect store for couples to visit together. You will definitely be able to find a stylish item that you can use in your daily life after you go back home.


GADGET specializes in importing miscellaneous goods sold overseas. They sell all sorts of items, from on-trend items to vintage goods. It's definitely fun just to look around their stock since they have items like vintage clothing and bags but also hobby items like vintage maps. Sometimes they get particularly antique items, so if you're lucky, you might be able to see a particularly rare item. Please come in to find the perfect item just for you.

4. Kotori no Mi

Kotori no Mi is right in front of Nakazakicho Station on the Tanimachi Line. It's a shop that will make you think adjectives like "fluffy," "colorful," "spangled," and "unique". All of their accessories and items are handmade by creators from all over Japan. These handmade items will make you feel warm just by looking at the care they were made with. Why don't you buy one of these cute items for your family or significant other? *Most items are handmade and one-offs. Please be aware that some items shown on the homepage and other places may not be available.


ROOTIE TOOTIE is a shop that mostly specializes in American miscellaneous goods and antique items. They have a huge number of items from clocks and tchotchkes, records and old books, and even so-called junk items like old license plates. The price changes depending on the item, so there are items that you can buy for a few hundred yen as well as items that go above 10,000 JPY. This is definitely the place for people looking for a quirky souvenir. You're certain to find something you like here.

6. & Do's Niko

& Do's Niko is a miscellaneous goods store that sells stylish sweets and food products in the wharf. They offer many simple but warm products that will charm you the more you use it. Also something you should check out is the periodic workshops that they hold. You can experience doing things like creating your own accessories or candles, or even try chair yoga. If you get to make a cute accessory or candle, you could make someone happy by bringing it back home as a souvenir!

If you know such unique, fashionable shops like this, you might grow to be called an Osaka connoisseur. Please visit these stores when you find yourself in Osaka.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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