6 beauty products that you can buy at Ikuno Korea Town in Osaka

Ikuno Korea Town has a reputation for offering a wide array of products from Korea. The street, which runs from west to east for 600 meters, houses over 130 stores. The kinds of unique Korean cosmetic products that can be bought in Ikuno Korea Town are very popular among the Japanese too. They make for great souvenirs!

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1. Facial masks

If you feel that Japanese cosmetic products are expensive, how about giving the facial packs sold at Ikuno Korea Town, in Osaka, a try? Facial masks are an essential beauty item for which you will find many different types here, and they are always highly popular. The prices start at 50 JPY per sheet, which makes them perfect for daily use, and even Japanese people buy them in bulk. Since this is an item that you can use casually, it may be a good idea to try it during your trip to take care of your skin. Available at any shop selling cosmetics.

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2. BB creams

At Osaka Ikuno Korea Town, you can also find inexpensive and high quality BB creams, which combine the functions of essence, primer, sunscreen, and foundation. There are many different types, and it is nice to note that you can purchase authentic BB creams from beauty superpower Korea starting at prices around 900 JPY. Since you can actually try them to see how they look on your skin, you will surely be able to find a BB cream that suits your complexion here. Available at most cosmetics shops, such as "Saransuron" and "Korea Town Korean Shop."

*The picture may differ from the actual product.


"NATURE REPUBLIC", one of the most popular cosmetics brands of Korea, is very popular among the Japanese too. Here you will find a product line up that features many of their products, from skin care items like cream, toner, and milky lotion, to base items like BB cream, foundation, and sunscreen, and even shampoo and body soap. It depends on the series, but most of their skin care items costs around 2,000 JPY. You can also buy sheet masks for a few hundred JPY.

*The picture may differ from the actual product.


"THE FACE SHOP", a popular cosmetic brand from Korea, produces natural cosmetics using natural ingredients. Its products include makeup items like eye shadows and foundation, and skin care items, whose price ranges between a few hundred JPY to a few thousand JPY. This is a brand that has many fans in Japan too.
Recently, their series of skin care products using plenty of ingredients from pomegranates is very popular, and they are gathering attention for their original pomegranate-based cosmetics, something that can only be found in beauty superpower Korea. At the Ikuno Korea Town, you can buy these pomegranate & collagen products for the inexpensive price of about 2,000 JPY, and easily achieve a moister and plumper skin.

*The picture may differ from the actual product.

5. The Saem "Dr. Beauty Laser Peel Soft Gel"

Old keratinous layers in the skin not only disturb the skin's metabolism, but they are also cause blemishes and discoloration, so they should be exfoliated regularly. This peeling gel is gentle on the skin, and it is said to be great to exfoliate it.
The "Dr. Beauty Laser Peel Soft Gel", by The Saem, a Korean brand focused on beauty, removes old keratin from the skin immediately when applied, so you do not have to worry about rubbing your skin too much. This "Laser Peel Soft Gel" can be found in shops selling Korean cosmetics like Ipuni in the Ikuno Korea Town, and it costs about 1,500 JPY.

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5. The Saem "Dr. Beauty Laser Peel Soft Gel"

6. Raw Makgeolli

Makgeolli is a famous Korean alcoholic drink that can be purchased at the Ikuno Korea Town too. It is not really a beauty product, but many Korean cosmetics count makgeolli among their ingredients because it is considered to have beautifying effects. The type of makgeolli usually available in izakaya has undergone a heat treatment, but at the Ikuno Korea Town you can purchase untreated "raw makgeolli". Compared to heat treated makgeolli, "raw makgeolli" has a larger amount of highly nutritious yeast and lactobacilli. It is said that this is what makes it effective in improving your beauty and solving constipation, so how about giving it a try?

*The picture may differ from the actual product.

Ikuno Korea Town is a great place for women, since here they can buy beauty products from beauty superpower Korean at inexpensive prices. Also, besides beauty products, you can also enjoy other Korean specialties, such as kimchi and grilled meat, here.

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