5 Large Shopping Malls in Osaka Where You can Enjoy Yourself All Day

Osaka’s shopping malls are places where you can go shopping of course, but also eat, relax and enjoy amusements with the entire family, all in one. Here are some shopping malls in that you can enjoy throughout the day.

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Opened recently in November 2015, on an area of about 172,000 square meters, “EXPOCITY” boasts of being one of Japan's biggest large-scale, mixed-use complexes. In addition to it’s “LalaPort EXPOCITY” shopping mall with 305 stores, it also has movie theatres, an enormous ferris wheel (soon to open for business in spring 2016) along with a ton of other amusement facilities.
Receiving a high degree of attention among other things is the “Pokemon EXPO Gym”. A hands on “edutainment” facility where children can improve their communication skills through interactive attractions and games. Also, families can enjoy the large-scale aquarium “NIFREL”, the animal character amusement park “ANIPO” and much more at this fully-loaded establishment. On January 29th 2016, the brand new museum “Orbi” will open where you can experience Mother Nature from a gigantic screen. So if you come to Osaka, be sure to try and visit this spot.

2.Osaka Station City

“Osaka Station City” is a convenient to access building complex located directly from JR Osaka station. It is primarily organized into two buildings, “NORTH GATE BUILDING” located on the north side of the station and “SOUTH GATE BUILDING” located on the station’s south side.
Inside the “NORTH GATE BUILDING” is the “Lucua” department store which has many select shops and popular brand stores. There is also the “LUCUA 1100” which has “isetan” shops that are managed by Japan’s traditional department store “Isetan”. Furthermore, there are other facilities like the “Osaka City Station Cinema” where you can enjoy the appeal of the big screen. Still, at the “SOUTH GATE BUILDING” there are stores which are popular among tourists like “Tokyu Hands”, “Pokemon Center Osaka” and “Daimaru Umeda”. There is also a hotel at the station, the “Hotel Granvia Osaka”.

2.Osaka Station City

3.Tempozan Marketplace

Looking out over Osaka Bay is the shopping mall complex “Tempozan Marketplace”. It’s huge, landmark ferris wheel stands at 112.5 meters high and it’s aquarium “Kaiyukan” which boasts of a massive scale, is a popular place for visitors to Japan. Inside the shopping mall, there are about 100 stores for fashion, general goods, eats and much more. A popular spot is the “Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho” food themed park where you can find Osaka’s specialty foods like takoyaki and okonomiyaki all in one place. There is also the “Tempozan Anipa” petting zoo where you can play with the animals and “LEGOLAND” which is also recommended for families with children.


“ATC” is one of Western Japan’s largest building complexes. There is a wide variety of large and small stores ranging from fashion, general goods and cosmetics stores, to large furniture showrooms, restaurants and cafes. The ATC building is separated into the ITM building and the O’s building. We recommend the 4th floor of the ITM building which has the outlet mall “MARE”. You can get good bargains on fashion and stationary outlet goods. In addition, it is fully equipped with popular amusements for children such as the huge indoor amusement park on the fifth floor of the ITM building and the second floor corner of the O’s building which has a collection of 150 gacha (machines that sell “capsule toys” with character merchandise inside a capsule) at your disposal. On Saturdays at the beach space outside the building, there are mini-concerts and various other events taking place so by all means, have fun here with your family.

5.Crysta Nagahori

With good access from one of Osaka’s principal areas “Minami”, “Crysta Nagahori” is a large underground shopping center which connects Shinsaibashi station, Nagahoribashi station and Yotsubashi station. If you’re above ground, it is located in the same area as the Shinsaibashi shopping district and the lineup of high-class brand shops. It is also appealing for the many fashion stores here that you won’t find anywhere else, along with a substantial number of cafes, restaurants and gourmet spots. A good point of Crysta Nagahori is that there are comparatively less crowds here and it is clean and easy to walk around. It has become a priceless spot for sheltering the rain when touring around the Minami area.

5.Crysta Nagahori

Did any of the places grab your attention? Whichever place you choose, these facilities are more than just simple shopping malls, each has their own charming attractions where families, couples, friends and companions can have a good time all day long.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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