Popular Standards! Compare Hankyu Umeda Main Store’s Three Gourmet Ice Creams

Ice cream is the standard item that is always a welcome gift in the summer. We've compared some gourmet ice creams that are available only in depachika department store basement food markets. Matsuura, the KansaiWalker editor who eats ice cream all the time regardless of the time of year, tried them all! <*The information is from KansaiWalker (issued June 6, 2017)>

The Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream with Fresh Bitter Flavors is Available During the Summer Only

The ice cream by Nakamura Tokichi, a tea merchant established more than 160 years ago, is available only during the summer. It is a standard popular hot season item. It has a fresh flavor you'll want to have in the summer, with the aroma of matcha green tea and the refined bitterness of tea. There is also a rich hojicha tea version as well.

Matcha Ice Cream (351 JPY). "Just the right bitterness that is refreshing when eaten. Great for mid-summer!"

<Sold: Summer; Best by: No restriction; Takeaway temperature: Frozen (maximum one hour): Delivery: No; Regional delivery: No>

Rich Flavors with Maximum Échiré Butter Content

This is a butter ice cream with approximately 21% échiré butter from Échiré Marché au Beurre. The ice cream made by replacing as much of the milk and cream that is the base with échiré butter is surprisingly fresh. It is definitely an item to try.

Échiré Glass (Beurre) (562 JPY). "Butter sounds heavy, but it has a fresh finish so you'll want to eat it over and over."

<Sold: All year; Best by: No restriction; Takeaway temperature: Frozen (maximum two hours): Delivery: No; Regional delivery: No>

Rich Crème Brûlée with Chocolate

Godiva's ice cream cup is a crème brûlée ice cream with custard with a hint of vanilla melted together with a rich caramel sauce. The chocolate chips add a deep flavor and crunchy texture.

Cup Ice Crème Brûlée (432 JPY). "It's very rich. The chocolate chips also have a presence, and it is quite satisfying."

<Sold: All year except during Valentine's Day and White Day seasons; Best by: No restriction; Takeaway temperature: Frozen (maximum two hours): Delivery: No; Regional delivery: No>

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 06.20.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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