[Osaka] Tuna and Conger Eel are Affordable and Taste Great! 5 Bars with Superb Seafood Dishes in the Food Paradise of Temma

Temma has a market at its core, so all the ingredients in season are readily available in this area. Below are some of the best bars that offer various Japanese sake where you can have these seasonal ingredients paired with alcohol!

A Japanese sake bar where guests can taste the flavors of the season at affordable prices

Jan Ken Pon is a tavern where virtually all of the approximately 50 kinds of Japanese sake are reasonably priced at just 540 JPY a shot. With many rare local alcohols to boot, this spot has already secured a tight hold on its repeat customers. It also offers a wide array of snacks that go well with Japanese sake. By fully capitalizing on its proximity to the market, this bar treats guests to sashimi and other dishes that change daily depending on the delivery of ingredients. There are also many dishes that will make customers feel the season.

The Tsukuri Moriawase (assorted sashimi) (middle in the photo, 540 JPY per person) has 4-5 types of sashimi, including hari-ika (golden cuttlefish) and kochi (flathead fish). The dishes in the photo are good for two persons. The Nonbe no Sakana Sanshu-Mori (three kinds of appetizers for heavy drinkers) (front, 624 JPY) is made up of such appetizers as ika (squid) with lemon pepper sauce. Meanwhile, the Niku Tamago (back, 824 JPY), a dish of rolled omelet with meat inside, is a consistent bestseller at this bar.

There are also many rare sake here, including Arabashiri and Nakadori. Most of the sake costs 540 JPY per 110cc.

The entrance to this bar has glass paneling, so it is easy to enter. It is always crowded with fans of Japanese sake, day and night.

Katsushi Ishizawa, a chef at this bar, claimed that, “We are quite close to it, so we can buy the freshest ingredients at the Temma Market every day, from fish and vegetables, up to eggs. It’s a huge thing that they are cheap, so we get to serve affordable dishes to our customers.”

Jan Ken Pon

1F Tsuiki Temma Bldg., 9-10 Ikeda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Offering a diverse collection of sake and exquisite snacks that go beyond the tachinomi realm

Tachinomi Jin Temma Shop (a tachinomi bar is a bar where people stand while drinking) is the sister shop of the bar with the same name that has become quite a hit in Fukushima. Here, the various Japanese sake that are handpicked from all over Japan are mostly available at a surprisingly low price of 350 JPY per glass. The sashimi and kobachi (small bowl that usually contains appetizers) that are also a feast to the eyes are known to use fish and seafood in season that are bought from Kizu Market every day, as can be expected from its owner who has worked in the restaurant industry. The dishes go really well with Japanese sake!

The Otsukuri Mori (assorted sashimi) (front, 600 JPY) comes with three kinds of seafood in season. The Obanzai Mori (assorted light Kyoto-style dishes) (back right, 600 JPY) has three dishes such as sakamushi (seafood steamed in salt and sake) and tosani (a type of boiled food). The Oden (various ingredients stewed in soy sauce-based broth) (back left, 500 JPY), which is stewed in sake-kasu (sake lees) and dashi (soup stock), is also an exquisite dish.

The owner of this bar hails from Nara, so there are many types of sake here that come from that place. This bar displays its individuality through dishes that are different from those served at the main branch.

The counters have two rows during peak hours. The tables at the back can also be reserved.

Taiga Nakatsuji, owner of the establishment, said that, “I studied Japanese cuisine in my school days, and then I worked at a restaurant. I am particular about the careful preparation and beautiful arrangement and appearance of food. We have a lot of little-known choice sake.”

Tachinomi Jin Temma Shop

1F Temma-Ekimae Kopo Chuo, 4-6-39 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

A bar that serves exquisite dishes with meaty anago!

Nakamura is independently run by its manager who came from a famous restaurant specializing in anago (conger eel) dishes. Here, around 30 anago dishes are constantly available, from the classics such as Nianago (boiled anago) (950 JPY) and Kabayaki (eel grilled in soy sauce-based sauce) (1,166 JPY), up to Kunsei (smoked food) and Ichiyaboshi (fish salted and dried overnight) (both dishes are priced at 734 JPY each). The meaty Densuke Anago (a type of conger eel) that is obsessed about freshness is a perfect match for any of the 30 or so Japanese sake that have been handpicked by the owner of this bar.

Shown on the photo are the Anago no Tsukuri Mori (assorted anago sashimi) (front, 1,382 JPY), the Anago no Shirayaki (anago grilled without seasoning) (back right, 1,166 JPY) that offers sufficient flavors and texture, and the Anago no Hone to Potato Salad (anago bones and potato salad) (back left, 410 JPY) that is filled with crunchy bones.

The Aka no Tanindon (bowl of rice with meat and egg on top) (842 JPY) is made by stewing kabayaki anago in dashi and egg.

Customers can relax at the spacious counter. There is only one table at the back of the bar.

Yutaro Nakamura, owner of the bar, said that, “We make new dishes corresponding to the season, so we hope you come then and learn about the appeal of anago. The combination of anago and Japanese sake is the best!”


3-3-14 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Tempura made with seasonal ingredients is a fantastic match for wine

The owner of Tempura & Wine Oshio worked at Tempura & Wine Kojima, a famous restaurant in Nagoya. And just like in the restaurant where he once worked, his current shop offers a selection of unique tempura items that use such ingredients as cheese and foie gras. On top of the reasonable price of 150 JPY and above for each piece of tempura, there are also many ingredients from Temma Market to choose from, so this spot has been getting rave reviews for giving customers a feel of the season.

At this shop, the combination of ingredients is quite interesting, as seen in such offerings as the Nori Ikura Canape (canapé of seaweed and salted salmon roe) (front left, 190 JPY), Nasu Proscuitto (eggplant prosciutto) (front right, 190 JPY), and Parmigiano Asparagus (middle right, 290 JPY).

The first floor only has counter seats. You can relish the tempura while listening to the sounds of the tempura as it is being fried by the owner. There are also tables on the second floor.

Satoshi Oshio, owner of this spot, claimed that, “We have wines that can be paired with tempura for as low as 490 JPY, so you can enjoy them at such affordable prices. Please savor the tempura of our shop that specializes in it.”

Tempura & Wine Oshio

Renga-dori, 6-3-26 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Offering fresh tuna from the market daily

Tenjinbashi Maguroya is a shop that debuted in Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai (Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street) as a restaurant in the neighborhood of Hankyu Umeda Station that is dedicated to maguro (tuna), where customers need to stand while eating. It is always packed with customers every day. Here, you will enjoy a wide array of dishes with excellent value for your money, including sashimi that uses the different parts of tuna, and deep-fried dishes. It is a shop that specializes in tuna so it is able to offer customers fresh tuna at such low prices.

The Chutoro Sashimi (medium-fatty tuna sashimi) (front, 450 JPY) is very fresh, as evidenced in its firmness. There are also Magurokatsu (deep-fried breaded tuna) (middle right, 350 JPY) and the Sukimi no Karubiyaki (Korean barbecue-style thinly sliced tuna) (middle left, 250 JPY). Japanese sake costs 1,800 JPY for a 720ml bottle here.

Inside the standing counter, the chefs cook the food. There are also tables at the back of the restaurant.

Hideto Miyake, a staff at this restaurant, said that, “Just add 200 JPY and we can make the sashimi don-style (bowl of rice with topping) for you. Our menu changes depending on the delivery of ingredients, so don’t hesitate to ask us for our recommendations!”

Tenjinbashi Maguroya

1F Sanko Bldg., 4-10-10 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.31.2017]

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