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[Osaka] Splendid for Taking Photos! Top 3 Colorful Iced Fruit Teas in Osaka

Tea leaves are not the only ones with a wide variety, as the way to drink black tea also comes in many different forms. One such way is to turn the tea into fruit tea that is topped with fresh fruits. Enjoy a glass of delicious iced tea that packs the goodness and expertise of the shop in terms of the tea leaves used or the kinds of fruits put on top of the drinks. Here are some of the famous outlets in Osaka that serve colorful and tasty iced fruit teas. Savor your drink in a space filled with a cozy atmosphere!

Serving iced teas with heaps of fresh fruits that come from the parent fruit and vegetable shop

Since it is a subsidiary of Hanafru, a shop that sells fruits and vegetables that have been carefully selected from all over the world, NORTHSHORE CAFE & DINING generously uses only fresh fruits and vegetables for the items in its menu. Its iced fruit tea is known for the seven kinds of fruits that provide color to each glass. Enjoy an afternoon with this shop’s delicious tea in an expansive space along the river.

This is the Fruit Iced Tea (1,100 JPY) that has two layers: pink grapefruit syrup (changes depending on the time and season) and Ceylon tea. Filling a jar to the brim, this iced tea offers an outstanding drinking sensation.

The crunchy dragon fruit and the other fruits put on the drink are only sliced when you order, so you are guaranteed that they’re fresh! Neisan, a staff of the restaurant, claims that, “We use generous amounts of fruits that are in season. Enjoy the freshness of the season while mixing the Ceylon tea and fruit syrup!”.

Inside the shop, there is an open kitchen. The second floor is dedicated to take-out.

Guests can sit at the terrace with sofas, too. Feel the great sensation of the wind from the river.

This shop boasts of prime location, as it is situated along Tosabori River. Here, you can gaze at the Nakanoshima Rose Garden and the Naniwa Bridge, among other spots.

■Black tea details/Tea leaf manufacturer: Uses carefully chosen fine tea leaves, Types: 3 variants for hot tea and 4 variants for iced tea, Pot capacity: None, Sale of tea leaves: Not for sale


1F/2F Burma Bldg., 1-1-28 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Mixing fresh fruit juice and Earl Grey tea

Afternoon Tea TEAROOM Hankyu Umeda Honten, opened in 1981, offers customers “an affluent time with tea." This shop serves not just pots of black teas, but also dishes and desserts fused with vegetables and fruits. It is a veteran tea shop that is much loved for its user-friendliness, so enjoy it in your own preferred style when you feel like taking a break or for lunch.

This is the Sweet Fruit Tea (Iced) (870 JPY). It is mainly characterized by its fruit juice that draws out the aroma of the Earl Grey tea. You can have it hot, too.

The Sweet Fruit Tea uses Earl Grey tea that can flood your mouth with the fruity scent of bergamot. It goes really well with blended fruit juice. Mai Morikawa, manager of the sho psays, "We take care of every serving by following the golden rules of every branch, such as using only fresh tea leaves and pouring up to the last drop!"

The Hankyu Umeda Honten is known for its enormous dining area. There is ample space between seats, so you can relax while eating or drinking.

Cold-brew iced teas and other original drinks are also available.

■Black tea details/Tea leaf manufacturer: Suppliers are carefully selected according to the black tea, Types: Nine variants for hot tea and eight variants for iced tea ※Changes depending on the season, Pot capacity: 350ml (except for some drinks), Sale of tea leaves: Prices start at 756 JPY per 50g, and 152 JPY per 3g for the tea bags

Afternoon Tea TEAROOM Hankyu Umeda Honten

3F Hankyu Umeda Honten, 8-7 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Comes with a bonus – the subtle sweet taste from peach syrup jelly!!

NORTH LOUNGE Hokuoukan offers a collection of four Scandinavian black teas from Vernon Morris, the tea blender that has been named the King of Tea by royal family of Sweden. This shop is also famous for its fluffy pancakes.

This is the Iced Fruit Tea (756 JPY) that is made with easy-to-drink Ceylon blend, topped with fruits. One of its main appeals is the mild sweetness coming from the jelly made from peach syrup.

The simple Ceylon blend in this tea is a great match to the natural sweetness of fruits. The peach-flavored jelly is there as accent. There are four kinds of fruits in this drink, comprising apple, pink grapefruit, strawberry and blueberry. Mayu Fujimitsu, a staff at this restaurant, noted that, “We use plain black tea in order to bring out the sweetness of the fruits. Ceylon blend, rather than Scandinavian teas with flowers and fruits, really goes well with fruit tea."

The shop offers a natural space with design inspired by white and wood grain. The jasmine tree sprouting out of a table is iconic.

This shop is directly linked to Umeda Station in all railway services via the underground, so customers can drop in on their way home from shopping and so on. It also sells four types of black teas from Northern Europe.

■Black tea details/Tea leaf manufacturer: The Blend of South Stockholm (Sweden), etc., Types: 8 variants for hot tea and 2 variants for iced tea, Pot capacity: 300ml, Sale of tea leaves: Prices start at 864 JPY per 25g [KansaiWalker Editorial Team]


B2F HEP Navio, 7-10 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.29.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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