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[Sightseeing in Osaka] Japanese Cuisine Lunch, Well-Established Bars and Famous Foreign Shops! 12 Handpicked Famous Dishes in Kitashinchi

Kitashinchi in Osaka is a district that is packed with popular shops that are recommended by foodies and gourmands. While it has an image of being home to high-end shops, the number of shops offering reasonably-priced, fully-loaded dishes here have also been climbing in number in recent years. Here are some of the most famous dishes in Kitashinchi that were very carefully chosen by the Editorial Department!

Shukoji Bishio

Shukoji Bishio has been getting high regard for its dishes with the distinctive tastes of the season that are created with the help of the seasoning called “hishio,” which is made by hand through the fermentation of unpolished rice, wheat and various other ingredients. This place offers a lot of fermented dishes that go well with local sake, including sashimi flavored with “sudachi” (a kind of Japanese citrus) and special salt that concealed dried “koji” (malted rice) in rock salt, and “saikyo yaki” (Kyoto-style grilled fish) wherein the fish is soaked in koji and then its sweetness is extracted through miso.

This restaurant serves “Sawara no Saikyo Miso Yaki” (980 JPY), “Manganji Togarashi no Sumibiyaki” (700 JPY) and many other dishes. With the “Saikyo Miso Yaki,” the fish is marinated in homemade salt koji for a day and in Saikyo miso for two days before it is grilled over charcoal. Koji Nishie, the restaurant’s owner, said that, “The dishes are fermented in koji, so please pair them with Japanese sake. We have a collection of famous alcohols from all over Japan, such as the Akishika from Nose, Osaka.”

Shukoji Bishio is a Japanese cuisine restaurant where the flavors of ingredients are drawn out by the fermented seasoning “hishio” that is made by hand by the owner. Photo shows the “Daikon to Tai Kama no Yakibitashi” (980 JPY).

Shukoji Bishio

1F Mimoza Bldg., 1-5-14 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Hillman Restaurant Umeda Shop

Hillman Restaurant Umeda Shop is the second branch in Japan of the well-established Hillman Restaurant of Singapore that became the talk of the town when it opened its first Japanese branch in Ura-Namba, Osaka in the fall of 2014. With the Paper Chicken that was commended by a famous French chef as its specialty dish, this restaurant will let you taste various Singaporean dishes.

This is the Paper Chicken (prices start at 580 JPY for three pieces of chicken), wherein the chicken soaked in a secret sauce is wrapped in a special paper and then fried. The paper gets filled with the juice from the chicken!

The interior of the restaurant has a modern and relaxed atmosphere. You can also come in large groups.

Hillman Restaurant Umeda Shop

1-7-30 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Juso Torys Kitashinchi

Opened in 1956, Juso Torys Kitashinchi is a bar where you can drink Torys highball (540 JPY (excl. tax)). The restaurant used to be operated at Juso “Shonben Yokocho” (piss alley), but it was destroyed in a fire. It opened a shop in Kitashinchi to address the clamor from its regular customers. One of its appeals is the abundant lineup of dishes that are served to customers, making this place virtually considered a restaurant bar.

Inside the shop, the interior from when the shop was in Juso has been recreated as much as possible.

The “Ikayaki” in front (800 JPY (excl. tax)) is a specialty dish wherein squid pieces are put inside an omelette. The dish at the back is the “Jikasei Corned Beef” (700 JPY (excl. tax)).

Juso Torys Kitashinchi

1F KOHDA Bldg., 1-3-30 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Gibier Niku & Wine Sakaba ALLA Salute

Gibier Niku & Wine Sakaba ALLA Salute is a place that offers a menu filled with dishes that use deer, wild boar and other “gibier” (wild game) animal meats that are healthy since they carry little fat and are rich in nutrients. Aside from those, this place also takes pride in its healthy dishes such as the “Tamba Yasai no Raclette Cheese “ (Tamba vegetables in raclette cheese) (2,138 JPY) in which vegetables that come straight from contracted farms are covered in a heaping amount of cheese.

The Tanba Sasayama Gibier no Roast Sanshumori” (2,031 JPY) is the specialty of this restaurant. Taste and compare different kinds of high-protein and low-fat beauty meats.

The display shelf that is fixed to the counter gives the place a vibe similar to the atmosphere in hotel bars.

Gibier Niku & Wine Sakaba ALLA Salute

1F New Yachiyo Kaikan, 1-6-27 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Chinese Kyoka

Chinese Kyoka is an innovative Chinese cuisine restaurant that debuted as the second shop of Engi, a famous bar in Fukushima. Here, the dishes made by the owner that has experienced working at such places as Hilton Hotel, and the chef who had stints in hotels and famous restaurants, are not only guaranteed delicious, but they also come at such affordable prices.

“Choten Ratchu Mapo Dofu” (Sichuan-style dish of tofu and meats with Heaven chili) (880 JPY (excl. tax))/Chinese Kyoka

This is the “Choten Ratchu Mapo Dofu” (880 JPY (excl. tax)). It is made with red pepper from Sichuan that is called “Heaven chili,” homemade rayu chili oil. and Japanese pepper oil. Enjoy the deep flavors and the numbing spiciness!

Relish creative Chinese dishes that taste similar to those found in famous hotels, at reasonable prices/Chinese Kyoka

This restaurant evokes a mood of being a hidden place as it is found in a narrow recess of a building along Kitashinchi’s main avenue.

Chinese Kyoka

1F Astoria Giro Bldg., 1-1-41 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Kitashinchi RABBIT FARM

At the dining bar Kitashinchi RABBIT FARM, the roast pork that is made by slow-cooking Mangalica pork, which is said to be a national treasure of Hungary, is a must-try. The owner of the restaurant is a mixologist who knows everything about fruits and creates cocktails that use carefully selected fruits.

Taste the roast pork that uses rare pork! “Meibutsu Atsugiri Roast Pork” (prices start at 1,280 JPY for 100g (excl. tax)); photo shows the 300g roast pork)/Kitashinchi RABBIT FARM

A wide array of fruits are displayed inside the shop.

Kitashinchi RABBIT FARM

No.2, 5F Beerding Bldg., 1-4-2 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Katsusando Senmonten Kitashinchi Sando

Katsusando Senmonten Kitashinchi Sando is a place with two specialty items – the “Pork Shio Katsu Sando” which is a sandwich with a “katsu” (breaded pork) of several layers of Nichinan Mochibuta pork loin sliced in mille-feuille style, and the “Tamago Katsu Sando” (egg katsu sandwich). Aside from those, this restaurant also offers luxurious sandwiches that use A3-class Japanese black beef and novelty dishes.

The “Pork Shio Katsu Sando” (1,000 JPY), a sandwich with juicy Mochibuta pork sliced in mille-feuille style/Katsusando Senmonten Kitashinchi Sando

This is the “Pork Shio Katsu Sando” (1,000 JPY). With this sandwich, the tastes of the ingredients are drawn out by Sicilian rock salt from Italy and butter. The “Sauce Katsu Sando” (katsu sandwich with sauce) (1,000 JPY) is also available.

There is a wide selection of sandwiches/Katsusando Senmonten Kitashinchi Sando

This shop specializes in take out. It is only open at night, so beware of the time!

Katsusando Senmonten Kitashinchi Sando

1F Arena Dojima, 1-2-11 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


WABAR is a spot where you can easily taste purely Japanese dishes created by its chef who is trained in Japanese cuisine, including the “uokushi” (fish on a skewer) of glazed “shuto” (salted and fermented intestines of bonito fish) and sea urchin, and the “obanzai” (Kyoto-style side dishes) using seasonal vegetables. Of all its dishes, the “Kaiseki Course” (traditional Japanese dishes served in courses) (3,600 JPY) that comes in a set of a multi-tiered box filled with four items such as sashimi and grilled fish, and “konabe” (hot pot dish in a small pot).

This is the “Omakase Kushi Goshumori” (1,200 JPY). You can enjoy five types of creative skewered foods that change every day, including “sake no usuiyaki” (grilled thinly sliced salmon) and “maguro no negima” (tuna and spring onions).

Try to sit in front of the wood plank-made counter that evokes a mood, too.


1F Dojima Grand Bldg., 1-5-7 Dojima, Kita-Ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Suigyo Murabayashi

Suigyo Murabayashi is a restaurant that serves traditional Japanese cuisine that only uses fish and seafood caught on the day they are cooked. At night, enjoy some famous sake together with Japanese dishes centered in fresh seafood as your snack. For lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, there is only one kind of set meal, and it is so luxurious, from the sashimi, up to the “donabe gohan” (rice cooked in an earthen pot). You just have to taste it.

This is the “Hiru no Teishoku” (1,620 JPY). It is filled with an assortment of fresh seafood sashimi, tempura of ingredients in season, “donabe gohan,” boiled fish, two types of “kobachi” (small bowl of dishes) and miso soup that will surely fill your stomach.

This is the inside of the restaurant where guests get to sit on counters and chairs on tables.

Suigyo Murabayashi

B1 Dainichi Bldg., 1-2-17 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


PESCA is a famous Italian restaurant in Shinsaibashi that has made a foray into Kitashinchi. Here, you get to enjoy dishes that are particular about the quality of the ingredients they use, such as the famous pie-crusted pizzas and pastas, inside a space whose design is inspired by restaurants in New York. Feel free to come here on a date, or even in a big group.

This is the Pie-zza (a pie-crusted pizza with bacon and runny soft-boiled egg) (1,000 JPY (excl. tax)). It comes with a crispy crust made from rich butter, Hokkaido-produced wheat flour and Italian sea salt.

The interior decoration designed by a young architect adopts a modern and simple design.


1F Mainichi Sangyo Bldg., Ichibankan, 1-3-8 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Ike-Ebi Bar orb Kitashinchi Shop

Ike-Ebi Bar orb Kitashinchi Shop is the “ebi bar” (shrimp bar) from Fukushima that is called “orb,” which is famous for its dishes made with lobsters that are caught live by the customers. After opening shops in Tenma and Ura-Namba, it also inaugurated a branch in Kitashinchi. Although it is a chain shop, it serves the familiar roasted dishes, as well as ajillo dishes that are unique to the Kitashinchi branch.

This is the “Omaru Ebi no Ajillo” (600 JPY per 100g). At this shop, customers usually have the lobsters they have caught live roasted, but note that it is also recommended to have them in “ajillo” style!

On the first floor, only counter seats at the bar are available. The counter surrounds the kitchen where the food is cooked.

Ike-Ebi Bar orb Kitashinchi Shop

1-9-13 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Gyukatsu Senmonten Kyoto Katsugyu Dojimachikagai

Gyukatsu Senmonten Kyoto Katsugyu Dojimachikagai offers “Japanese beef katsu” (deep-fried breaded beef) under the concept of Kyoto’s traditional cooking. The beef katsu made with “haneshita” (chuckeye), a rare part that has a distinctive taste of red meat, is cooked medium rare and then enjoyed with such sauces as wasabi and soy sauce, and Japanese curry sauce with soup stock base.

This is the “Gyu Rosu Katsu Zen” (1,382 JPY for regular size that weighs 130g). The medium-rare beef covered in crispy thin batter is soft and juicy. The shop’s staff, Shintaro Mori, said that, “We serve it really quickly as it is fried for just 60 seconds. You won’t have to wait, so it is also recommended as a meal for those busy days.”

This is the “Kyoto Katsuju” (comes with grated Kyoto yam, priced at 1,490 JPY), a multi-tiered meal of beef katsu with Japanese pepper from Kyoto that will stimulate your appetite. The crunchy texture of the “Kujo negi” (leeks from Kujo) is a major accent of this dish!

Gyukatsu Senmonten Kyoto Katsugyu Dojimachikagai

Dojimachikagai No. 3, 1 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 04.20.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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