No Double Dipping!? Super-sized Pancake Skewers Bigger than Your Face

Osaka Kawaii PANBO opened on Monday, February 20 as a shop for "super-sized pancake skewers" of alternating bite-sized pancakes and fresh fruits and marshmallows on a 40cm skewer. It offers the regular size PANBO (40cm, 800 JPY) and mini PANBO (20cm, 600 JPY). The targeted customers are trend-conscious high school girls and tourists from Japan and abroad.

Osaka Kawaii PANBO is a shop that sells takeout sweets and souvenirs and miscellaneous items under the theme of "Osaka Kawaii". Although the sweets are for takeout, there is space for about two people to stand and eat so you can enjoy them in the shop as well. Osaka Shinsaibashi and Americamura in the vicinity of the shop are tourist areas amenable to walking and eating, so you can enjoy seeing the sights while eating the takeout sweet, PANBO. The store also sells "kawaii" (cute) souvenirs and miscellaneous items that represent Osaka and have a retro feel. The shop intends to create an Osaka Kawaii culture, like the Harajuku Kawaii culture, and sell Osaka Kawaii souvenirs, miscellaneous items, clothing, and art.

The world's first pancakes on skewers, PANBO, is an "evolved pancake" dish of alternating bite-sized pancakes and fresh fruits and marshmallows on a 40cm skewer that can be decorated as you want with sauces and toppings. Once you get the skewer from a sales staff, you can put as much toppings on as you want in the decoration corner. Beware though, that just like with the Osaka specialty kushikatsu skewers, "double dipping in the sauce is prohibited".

Osaka Kawaii PANBO

2F American Plaza 1-16-12 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Osaka Kawaii PANBO is a perfect combination of Osaka style and kawaii cuteness. You'll have even more fun seeing the sights of Osaka with a pancake skewer in your hand! [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 03.13.2017]

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