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Seven Select Meatfest Bars in the Food Capital of Osaka

Unique "niku baru" eateries focusing on meats such as those serving a variety of piping hot dishes cooked on hibachi grills and popular hamburger shops serving innovative steaks, are opening up one after another in the Namba area of Osaka, the kuidaore-no-machi (the city to eat till you drop)! So we've put together a comprehensive list of recommended niku barus and popular "horumon sakabas" (bars serving grilled offal)!

Authentic Meat Dishes Heroically Cooked on Hibachi Grills at TEPPAN 29BAR BARUMICHE

TEPPAN 29BAR BARUMICHE is a niku baru that opened as the third branch by BARUMICHE, a winebar popular in the Umeda and "Ura-Namba" areas. They serve not only meat, but also seafood, pasta, and dessert on hibachi grills. Recommended dishes are the 320g "Gyu-Harami Steak Gattsuri Namanira x Herb Butter Sauce (beef skirt steak with lots of fresh garlic chives served with herb butter sauce)" (1,980 JPY) and the "29BAR Niku Zensai Moriawase" (1,280 JPY), an appetizer plate with five different types of meat including prosciutto. There are also some dishes that are cooked flamboyantly such as the spicy chicken made by lighting it on fire in front of your eyes!


Namba Nichidai Bldg., 3-3-4 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

A New Type of Steak by the Hamburger Experts, THE BUTCHER

THE BUTCHER was opened as the second store by BURGERLION, a hamburger shop in the Awaza area popular for gourmet burgers with carefully selected meat and other ingredients. Its specialty menu items are inner shoulder and rib roast steaks from a rare Australian beef descended from Tajima cows. In particular, the "Brooklyn Mashed Beef" (750 JPY) grilled patties and the "Inner Shoulder Steak (approx. 300g)" (3,000 JPY) are popular items you'll want to share.


2F Sugimoto Bldg., 10-13 Nanbasennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Huge Charcoal Grilled Steaks at STEAK & BAR Block

STEAK & BAR Block Namba CITY Branch is a sister restaurant of the popular STEAK & WINE Block in Akihabara, Tokyo. It is popular for its five types of Black Angus beef steaks, such as Tomahawk and Harami steaks. It has a wide-ranging menu, including "Flame-Grilled Zabuton Roast Beef Mt. Rokko" (1,382 JPY), "Horumon Ajillo" (626 JPY), and "Oven-Baked Anchovy Cabbage" (540 JPY), as well as the rare "Aged Meat Gyoza" (626 JPY), devised by an aged meat specialist.

STEAK & BAR Block Namba CITY Branch

1F Namba CITY South Wing, 5-1-60, Nabba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Outstanding Red Meat with a Touch of Fat at Nikutareya

Nikutareya Namba BAL Branch is a niku baru produced by Nikutareya, a popular yakiniku grilled meat restaurant in Terada-machi with queues. The meat is carefully selected from among A3 to A5 grade Black Japanese beef, primarily from Kagoshima. It is procured from a farm managed by the owner, so it is fresh and offered at a reasonable price. The recommended menu item is "Today's Red Meat Teppan Steak" (1,598 JPY *the photos is rump steak). The spicy "Black Japanese Beef Namero Tataki with Wasabi-miso" (1,058 JPY) goes perfectly with alcohol!

Nikutareya Namba BAL Branch

2-8-96 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu

Niku Baru GAM, Known for Superior High Protein, Healthy Red Meat

Niku Baru GAM, is dedicated to serving superior red meat from carefully selected beef brands. The specialty menu is the "Wagyu Rump Steak 150g" (2,980 JPY), made using a unique cooking technique including grilling twice and resting at 30℃ and above, is full of umami flavors. It is in the No. 5 meat quality range and is marbled with fat but has a light flavor. At Niku-Baru GAM, you can get access to bottomless salads when you order a beef or pork steak.

Niku-Baru GAM

2F Nanshin Bldg., 4-6-3 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Enjoy Ten Types of Offal with a Special Sauce at Yakiniku Horumon Sakagami

Yakiniku Horumon Sakagami Ura-Namba Branch became famous for a unique menu that the owner, who loves offals, created based on the items he ate at various restaurants. It uses a sloped teppan grill so that the meat juices coat and add flavor to the bean sprouts and noodles on the grill. The food is grilled by the staff so you need not worry about it getting overcooked. The recommended menu item with great bang for the buck is the "Yakiniku Horumon Sakagami Course" (2,916 JPY / person) which includes five from a selection of 10 offal such as tongue, small intestines, and heart served with a white sauce and a black sauce. It comes with all-you-can-eat bean sprouts which are outstanding when mixed with the umami essence from the juices of the meats grilled on the teppan grill and the sauces!

Yakiniku Horumon Sakagami Uranamba Branch

3-21 Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Horumon Baru Wakusei Mikan, Where You Can Have Your Fill of Offal at Reasonable Prices

Horumon Baru Wakusei Mikan, was opened by Mr. Usui, the owner, who wanted to create a place to drink with offal that would be positioned somewhere between a bar and an izakaya restaurant. The high quality offal served at reasonable prices have captured the hearts of local meat lovers, so much so that it has become an early morning gathering place for people working at nearby restaurants. The "Harami" (500 JPY) skirt with a juicy texture and umami retained by lightly flame grilling, and the "Korikori" (500 JPY), artery with unusual flavors achieved by keeping the fat, are perfect with a quick drink! [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 01.07.2017]

Horumon Baru Wakusei Mikan

2F Yamaki Noboru Kaikan, 1-6-1 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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