Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe Spilling Over! Seared Tuna! Three Tachinomi Bars Recommended by Kansai Area Gourmet Writer

Tsuyoshi Takada, a gourmet writer active on KansaiWalker and other TV shows and magazines, introduces tachinomi (stand-and-drink) bars you can stop by casually but where the food is the real thing!

Although the Tenma and Fukushima areas have a lot of good tachinomi standing bars, Kyobashi is the holy ground of tachinomi bars in Osaka! Of course, Kyobashi has many bars that are famous for their fish, and this time, we visited several you can eat and drink at and be completely satisfied.

Iconic Kyobashi Yatai with Bold and Hearty Dishes Worth Lining Up For!

Toyo, the popular yatai izakaya (stall bar) representative of Kyobashi, is an open-air bar where you can eat and drink while standing at the counter. It is always bustling with people and has a fun atmosphere. On top of that, its food, much of which features tuna, is worth lining up for!

The sight of the owner heroically grilling tuna can get you fired up!

【Impressive serving sizes of almost all dishes!】"Uni/Ikura" (2840 JPY) is a popular dish with plenty of sea urchin and salmon roe on a cucumber roll.

The "Toro Tekka" (650 JPY), a daring tekka roll full of toro, is so big that one piece will fill your mouth! The "Grilled Tuna Cheek" (650 JPY), which the owner heroically grills on a gas burner, brings out the unique texture of tuna cheek. The "Akami and Toro Plate" (1780 JPY) with fantastic flavors of toro that melts in your mouth, is served in a portion rarely seen anywhere else!

According to the manager, Satoru Nagashima (right), and owner, Toyoji Chikumoto (center), "We have a fast turnover, so you won't wait long even if you have to line up."


3-2-26 Higashinodamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Enjoy Sushi Made by Veteran Chefs at Amazingly Low Prices!

Maguro Ittetsu Kyobashi Branch is a bar where you can casually enjoy authentic sushi while standing at the counter. As indicated in its name, it specializes in maguro tuna, and serves unusual parts such as noten and kamatoro. It is able to offer reasonable prices by procuring the ingredients together with a sister seafood izakaya restaurant.

Every topping on the ten omakase nigiri sushi in the "Nigiri Moriawase" (918 JPY) is large and thick! The "Maguro Sanmi" (648 JPY) includes Pacific Bluefin tuna otoro, chutoro, and tenmi (akami).

【Chefs make the sushi right in front of your eyes】The manager, Masanobu Sugihara, has been a chef for 30 years. There are other chefs with more than 20 years of experience, so you can enjoy sushi made in front of your eyes by veteran chefs.

【Rare parts with fun textures】Only two servings of the "Maguro Cheek Tataki Ponzu" (734 JPY) can be made from one fish. It has a fun, crunchy texture.

According to the manager, Masanobu Sugihara, "all our toppings are big, and the single serving of egg sushi (54 JPY) is homemade too!"

Maguro Ittetsu Kyobashi Branch

3-11-9 Higashinodamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Approximately 40 Different Tuna Dishes Including Rare Parts and Creative Plates

Uosuke Kyobashi Branch is a restaurant specializing in tuna dishes in an area full of tachinomi standing bars just to the east of JR Kyobashi Station. There is table seating on the second floor, and on the first floor, there is space for approximately 20 people to stand and drink. It is popular day and night as a place where you can enjoy tuna dishes, including rare parts, at reasonable prices.

The content of "Maguro Sanshumori" (646 JPY), changes daily, and this time, it included akami, negitoro, and yellowfin tuna gizzard. The "Nodoniku" (430 JPY) grilled tuna neck is fibrous and is perfect to pick at while enjoying a drink. The "Dondengaeshi" (646 JPY) is a large, satisfying inside-out tuna roll.

【Daily 10 JPY menu】Almost all customers order this dish that is limited to one per party. On this day, it was smoked chicken.

【Super cheap at lunch too!】The "Tekkadon" (648 JPY) is the most popular among the large variety of lunch dishes. It has so much tuna you can hardly see the rice!

According to the acting manager, Akihiro Kawabata, "You can enjoy various tuna parts. Personally, I recommend the akami."

Uosuke Kyobashi Branch

3-2-15 Higashinodamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

"I find myself drinking in Kyobashi more and more these days. The tachinomi standing bars are great because their customers turn around quickly so their fish is always fresh!" says KansaiWalker's tasty fish watcher, Tsuyoshi Takada, who proudly recommends these three restaurants.【KansaiWalker】

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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