Must-Visit Spots After a Day at Universal Studios Japan! 5 Recommended Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka is visited by a lot of tourists throughout the year. Of the many sites that this city has to offer, one of the most famous is Universal Studios Japan (USJ), a place that everyone from children to adults are sure to enjoy. Below are five restaurants that are perfect places for having dinner after a day out at USJ.

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1. Akala

Akala is a buffet restaurant that is located on the 3rd floor of The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan, the official USJ hotel that is closest to the theme park. Inside its bright and trendy interior, which is designed based on a Hawaiian quilt motif, you will find an array of colorful Japanese and Western dishes. They have chairs and tableware for children, as well as a children's menu in the buffet corner, so it's an ideal place to bring your kids. The Petit Dinner Buffet is recommended for those who want to eat light, as it includes just 50 dishes. But those who want a heartier meal, go for the Grand Dinner Buffet that will let you savor all 80 dishes. The average cost per person is 3,500 JPY.


Top of Universal is a luxury restaurant where you can enjoy eating while watching the night view from 120 meters above the ground. It is located on the top floor of Universal Tower Hotel, the highest structure in the Universal City area. Here, you can savor French cuisine that uses seasonal ingredients including meat, fish and vegetables. It offers a selection of exquisite dishes that incorporate French traditions as well as latest cooking techniques. They can even provide a handmade cake (for a fee) for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Dine at this restaurant and enjoy a wonderful time that will make your time at USJ even more memorable. Average cost for a meal here is 7,000 JPY.


WOLFGANG PUCK PIZZA BAR is a restaurant delivered by the official chef of the Academy Awards, the most prestigious film event in the world. They serve Californian cuisine. Here, the pizzas possess a chewy and crunchy texture, such as the Wolfgang Smoked Salmon (2,700 JPY (excl. tax)), which is inspired by Hollywood celebrities. The hamburgers and French fries that are popular with children are also scrumptious. There are also a lot of creative dishes that you can try, including the US-produced Rib Eye Steak (4,000 JPY (excl. tax)) which is finished with a dollop of herbed butter. It is recommended that you order many different dishes and share them with your family. English and Chinese (simplified) menus available. There are staff who can speak English, Korean, French and Italian.



AEN TABLE is a Japanese-style buffet restaurant that is not even a one-minute walk from USJ. Here, you can enjoy dishes filled with seasonal ingredients such as vegetables, meat and fish, as well as desserts to your heart's content. Their menu consisting of more than 40 dishes includes Japanese side dishes, tempura, tofu dishes, curries and many other kinds of food. There is also a long list of dishes that are perfect for children, such as hamburg steak and karaage (fried chicken). All-you-can-eat sushi and soft-serve ice cream are available only with the dinner buffet. The buffet has a time limit of 90 minutes and is priced at 2,280 JPY on weekdays and 2,480 JPY on weekends and national holidays. English menu available.


World World Buffet is a restaurant that is located within Hotel Keihan Universal City. Here, you can enjoy more than 40 kinds of dishes from all over the world in a buffet style. The popular dishes include the weekly pizzas that are baked in an open kitchen and freshly grilled beef steak. You should also try the Parmesan cheese risotto that is served out of a huge cheese bowl. They also offer an extensive menu of desserts that will likely get the kids glued to the dessert station, such as crepes that are cooked in front of you, and the chocolate fountain. Time limit is 120 minutes, while average price is 4,000 JPY. English menu available.


The above list is a selection of restaurants that the whole family can enjoy. So, if you ever visit Universal Studios Japan, use this article as your reference when choosing a place for dinner.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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