Have a Taste of Luxury! Top 5 Shops for a Sumptuous Dinner in Osaka

Food in Osaka may have a strong image of B-rank dishes like okonomiyaki (savory pancake) and takoyaki (octopus dumpling), but there are also many dining spots and restaurants in the region where you can taste epicurean meals. Below are five recommended restaurants that serve luxurious dishes.

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Taiko-en is a venue in Osaka that is used for various events, such as dinners and weddings. Meanwhile, Ryoutei Yodogawa-tei is a traditional Japanese restaurant found inside the property, housed in a building that is more than 100 years old, where you can fully enjoy traditional Japanese beauty and hospitality. Inside, there are 13 private rooms where you can eat while gazing at the garden, which is rich in the beautiful colors of every season.
This restaurant serves kaiseki ryori (traditional multi-course meals) that showcases the skills of its chefs. These meals pursue new, delicious tastes through innovative ideas, while capitalizing on the inherent flavors of seasonal ingredients. It is also particular about the tableware used. The beautifully arranged dishes are delicious not just to the eyes, but also to the tongue. The price starts from 14,900 JPY (incl. tax and service charge). Separate charges apply for private rooms.

2. Kuchikatsu

The creation of a chef who hails from Italy, Kuchikatsu is a restaurant where you can taste kushikatsu (a popular dish in Osaka that is made by putting meat and vegetables on a skewer, coating them in batter, and then deep-frying them) that is a cut above the rest. The kushikatsu that is carefully fried, one stick after another, right in front of your eyes, is served as a course meal (prices start from 6,000 JPY (excl. tax)).
Starting with amadai (tilefish) that is procured straight from the market every day, the ingredients used in the dishes here have all been through a careful selection process. Kushikatsu is generally eaten with sauce, but the kushikatsu in this restaurant is unique for being eaten without sauce. This is possible because the ingredients have been seasoned in advance to draw out their delicious flavors. It goes really well with wine!

3. Kamon

Kamon is a restaurant that is found inside the Imperial Hotel. It is a teppanyaki (food grilled on an iron plate) shop where the food is cooked by maximizing the taste of the ingredients, such as fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables.
For dinner, guests can order a variety of courses (13,000 JPY) that can be savored while admiring the nightscape of Osaka. The ingredients will be grilled in front of you, so you can taste the food with all five of your senses. The Kamon Tokusen (35,000 JPY) is a luxurious course that comes with branded wagyu (Japanese beef), which has an opulent taste, as well as foie gras, Ise ebi (Ise shrimp), scallops, and abalone.
※All prices are inclusive of taxes. There is a separate service charge.

4. Atout Dojima

Atout is another teppanyaki restaurant that will let you experience the allure of luxurious and sumptuous ingredients. The dishes created by the chef, who studied Italian and French cuisine, are perfect when paired with wine.
Some of the ingredients here are Kuroge-wagyu (Japanese Black beef) (5,500 JPY per 100g) that’s beautifully marbled and so soft that it could melt in your mouth, and foie gras (2,200 JPY), as well as fresh fish and seafood that’s directly delivered from fishing ports like Ise ebi (4,000 JPY per 100g) and abalone (4,500 JPY per 100g). You can order the dishes a la carte or as a full-course meal (13,500 JPY).
※ All prices are inclusive of taxes

5. Hayami

Hayami is a spot where you can enjoy sushi and sake appetizers/snacks with local sake and wine. You can partake of the Omakase Course (a course wherein the dishes served are chosen by the chef) (prices start from 10,000 JPY (excl. tax)) in a cozy little space with only seven counter seats and one private room.
The sushi toppings are wild fish and seafood that have either been aged to bring out the original flavors of the ingredients, or marinated with vinegar, salt, and kelp. Even the snacks to accompany alcohol are centered on seasonal a la carte dishes that incorporate the fresh bounties of the sea. This restaurant serves exquisite dishes that highlight its experience in the world of Japanese cuisine as a veteran restaurant selling Kyoto-style dishes, as well as the flavors and skills that it has amassed.

Aside from standard Japanese dishes like kaiseki ryori and sushi, various other dishes that will let you enjoy the original flavors of ingredients were also presented here, such as teppanyaki and kushikatsu made with specialty ingredients. Please use this article as a reference when you want to indulge in a lavish dinner in Osaka.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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