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Great for families! 5 Recommended Restaurants in Osaka

When you go out to eat with kids, isn't it tiring to eat with them on your lap? Here are some restaurants where you can easily spend time with your children, bring your own baby food, and/or offer kids' spaces.


1. Horie River Cafe Namba Branch

This very open cafe is a place where you can enjoy different types of Asian cuisine, including Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean. It's a restaurant filled with couples, but you can also bring in strollers and your own baby food. They also offer children's tableware, baby beds, and diaper changing spaces, so you can bring your children without worry. There are sofa seats available in the loft (reservations necessary) that are very popular with both children and adults for leisurely dining (restricted to 2 hours only).

*The official reservation website is offered in different languages including English and Chinese.

1. Horie River Cafe Namba Branch

2. cafe-cafe Balance Shokudo

This cafe offers nutritionally balanced meals made with Japanese and Chinese flavors so you can become beautiful from the inside out. The cafe interior is very stylish, but there's a kids' space and plenty of toys. You can enjoy a conversation among adults without having to carry your children. Popular dishes on the lunch menu include the less-than-500-calorie Diet Gohan (950 JPY) and Cafecafe Gohan (1,280 JPY). After your balanced meal, you should try the organic coffee (390 JPY). The business hours are very short, from 11:30 am - 4:00 pm, so please be aware.

2. cafe-cafe Balance Shokudo

3. Noen Sugi Gohei

This restaurant offers meals made with ingredients grown on their own huge farm. The restaurant is in a very stately traditional-style building, and they offer meals made with plenty of freshly harvested vegetables, including kids' meals and dishes that you can't eat anywhere else. The private rooms are recommended, but if you want to eat in the garden, there is a nursing room available so you can eat without worry. A garden entrance fee is included in the meal charge, so you can experience harvesting seasonal vegetables and interacting with animals. Entering the garden is restricted only to restaurant guests, so please order a meal if you would like to visit it. Any vegetable tops or remaining food from your plate will be fed to the donkeys, and their waste will become compost in order to raise more fruits and vegetables. Please experience this organic cyclical farming method.

A cute kid's meal

4. Cafe Palette

This cafe is great for kids, since it includes a barefoot kids' space and small toys like a kitchen space. On a wall, anime DVDs are projected, and there are also coloring books and origami paper available so they can enjoy sitting at the table as well. You can bring your own baby food and they will warm it up for you if you ask. The lunch set includes a free drink, so you can have a leisurely meal. You can also order the popular waffles without having to pay for a set, and they'll decorate the plate with chocolate for you. This is a comfortable cafe with plenty of services for people with kids.

5. Pennennenemu

This cafe is a picture book world that you can't imagine just from the entrance. It is overflowing with picture books and miscellaneous goods, and the most popular Gurigura Hotcake Set (1,080 JPY) is a delicious meal that have appeared in a picture book. Starting at 9:30 am, they offer seat tickets for slots every hour and 45 minutes, but once they're gone, they're gone. One group has a maximum of 5 people, and you cannot make reservations. You cannot bring in strollers, but families and kids that love picture books won't be able to resist this cafe.

These restaurants are all places where you can enjoy having a leisurely, delicious meal with your children since they offer services like sofa seats where you can lay sleeping children and kids' spaces where they can play. Please stop by if you get the chance.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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