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5 Recommended Restaurants in Osaka with Huge Portions

When you travel, you want to eat nothing but delicious, filling meals, right? Here are 5 restaurants that offer huge portions in Osaka.


1. Tontontei

Tontontei is a pork specialty restaurant that offers dishes like pork steak, shougayaki, and butadon (pork rice bowl). It's a restaurant so famous that all people who love huge portions definitely know about it. You can eat a filling amount of pork dishes for reasonable prices so it gets very crowded for lunch. Their famously large-portioned meal is the Butadon Tokumori (1,200 JPY) which has plenty of seasoned pork sitting on rice. The sweet-spicy taste which brings out the deliciousness of the meat is addicting. You can add a soft-boiled egg as a recommended option. This is a restaurant you should visit when you want to properly eat meat.

2. KANARIYA Main Branch

KANARIYA is almost synonymous with huge portion sizes of sweets. It's a well-established parfait specialty shop. They usually have about 20 kinds of parfaits on the menu. It's a popular restaurant that often has a line and it is often visited by local college students and tourists visiting Osaka. The famous Chocolate Parfait (680 JPY) is countless layers of ice cream decorated with whipped cream and chocolate sauce in a 30cm glass. The whole thing is about 60cm in height. Seeing it directly in front of you is definitely impressive! Why not try a tower-style parfait to commemorate your trip to Osaka?

2. KANARIYA Main Branch

3. Shunsai Sengyo Tetsutarou Umeda-Nakazaki Branch

The weekday-only Tendon Lunch offered at the Umeda-Nakazaki branch of Shunsai Sengyo Tetsutarou is made with huge portions that will satisfy you. It's only 800 JPY (incl. tax) for as much tempura on rice as you want. It also comes with miso soup and pickles. You can pick your favorite tempura for huge portions! There are about 15 kinds of tempura available for a rich variety. Shrimp and conger eel are available for a separate fee. While usually tendon is eaten with a soy-sauce based sweet-spicy sauce, they offer various other flavors like curry salt and matcha salt so you don't get bored. Don't hesitate to try as many flavors as you'd like!

3. Shunsai Sengyo Tetsutarou Umeda-Nakazaki Branch

4. Jikasei Futomen Dokamori Macho Sennichimae Branch

If you want to eat plenty of ramen, head for the Sennichimae branch of Jikasei Futomen Dokamori Macho. The ramen uses thick noodles and plenty of vegetables for a rich flavor. You can choose the amount of noodles you want from 220g and 315g, both of which are 700 JPY (incl. tax)). You can also ask for double or triple the servings of vegetables. You can choose the amount you like and eat plenty of vegetables. For people who really want a huge serving, they should order 500g of the Ramen Dai (comes in 315g - 500g) which is complete with 3x the serving of pork and three times the veggies! This is a restaurant that people who love huge portions won't be able to resist.

4. Jikasei Futomen Dokamori Macho Sennichimae Branch

5. 1 Pound no Steak Hamburger Takeru Nishi-Nakajima Branch

This is a steak restaurant franchise centered mostly in Osaka. It's a popular restaurant where you can eat genuine steak for reasonable prices. They offer steak and hamburgers seasoned simply with salt and pepper, and you can enjoy your favorite flavors by adding garlic, mustard, wasabi, the store's original Takeru sauce, or other condiments. For those that want huge portions, there's the Tokumori STEAK Don (940 JPY), which they only offer 5 a day of during lunch and features an enormous steak sitting on 1kg of rice. There's also the Fujiyama Roast Beef Don (1,480 JPY), of which only 5 servings are available during dinner from Mondays to Thursdays and features a tower of roast beef upon a bed of rice.

*Photo is of the 1 pound steak hamburger from Takeru Tenman Branch.

5. 1 Pound no Steak Hamburger Takeru Nishi-Nakajima Branch

There are plenty of restaurants with huge portions in Osaka. Why not challenge yourself to finish a large meal in between sightseeing?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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