5 Must-Try Delicious Kakigoori (Shaved Ice) Shops in Osaka

When summer sets in, people usually get the cravings for kakigoori (shaved ice). And if you feel like eating kakigoori, you can choose from so many flavors and kinds, from kakigoori with lots of fruits up to light and unconventional kakigoori. Isn't that exciting? Here are five shops in Osaka where you can eat this delicious concoction of shaved ice.


1. Yukinoshita

Yukinoshita, famous for its pancakes that are carefully made with select ingredients grown with either no or minimal agricultural chemicals, is also well known for its kakigoori (shaved ice). The kakigoori here is not the typical kakigoori that is made by pouring syrup on shaved ice. At Yukinoshita, the base made of juice and fruit puree is frozen and then the frozen base is shaved so you will get to enjoy the very taste of the ingredients used. This way, you can enjoy the delicious taste of kakigoori without its flavor becoming thin toward the end. And since it has the fruit juice inside the ice, the juice will not become solid when frozen the way ice usually does, but will instead have a light and soft texture. Here at Yukinoshita, the kakigoori that uses seasonal fruit is recommended. This kakigoori, which uses select fruits that the shop owner sources from farmers all over the country, will give you that kind of juiciness and freshness that would make you think you are eating the actual fruit. Yukinoshita only uses ingredients that are in season, so one of the best parts of this shop is the possibility that you might find a new item in their menu every time you come.

*The picture is of the Ginza branch.

2. Osaka Naniwaya

Opened just about three years ago, Osaka Naniwaya is a branch shop of the old taiyaki shop Naniwaya Sohonten in Tokyo that was built in 1909. Similar to the main shop, Osaka Naniwaya is also popular for its taiyaki made of thin and crispy skin packed with sweet bean paste. It's so famous that people line up to get in almost every day. In the summer, its specialty item is the kakigoori. The big hits koriazuki (red beans) and ujikintoki (green tea) are filled with sweet bean paste boiled in the shop's traditional method that has a history of more than 100 years, giving them a taste that people with a sweet tooth will find irresistible. This shop is also known for its kakigoori with fruit. Its homemade syrup made from fresh local strawberries that are cooked in the shop is packed with the juicy flesh of the fruit and has a characteristic rich sweetness. The kakigoori here is served rather large, but the ice is light and fluffy like snow, so you can eat it all up without getting brain freeze.


The kakigoori from the Taiwanese import ICE MONSTER was chosen as one of the Top 10 Best Desserts Around the World in 2013, thereby gaining a lot of attention worldwide as a must-taste kakigoori. ICE MONSTER opened its second store in Japan in March 2016 at the Grand Front Osaka, right in front of Osaka Station. Its kakigoori, made by condensing mangoes, strawberries and other fruits, and coffee, tea and other flavors using their own method into ice, and then shaving the frozen flavored ice block, is so beautiful that it looks like soft folded lace that you'll want to touch. A taste of this uniquely delicate, soft ice will surely drive away the heat of summer to refresh both your mind and body.

4. Ranran

Located at the Ibaraki Hankyu Hondori Shopping Arcade right next to the Hankyu Ibaraki-Shi Station Exit, Ranran is a shop dedicated to confectioneries that use sweet potato. It’s an extremely popular shop among women what with its delicious offerings such as sweet potato pastries made from carefully selected ingredients and sweet potato cream puffs. Originally a kakigoori store built around 100 years ago, this shop also offers exquisite kakigoori in the summer. The kakigoori that lavishly uses seasonal fruits and the brightly colored Fuji-san kakigoori are the big hits here, but more than those kakigoori, what is recommended at Ranran is the special beniimo kokutogori, made with brown sugar shaved ice topped with homemade orange-fleshed sweet potato soft ice cream and dice-shaped red sweet potatoes, and then sprinkled with purple yam flakes. The ice that is shaved by hand has a soft, fluffy texture. Now coupled with the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes, Ranran’s kakigoori will make you feel happier the more you dig in.

5. Kotikaze

Kotikaze is a Japanese-style cafe converted from a private house in a residential area that is a 10-minute walk away from the JR Osaka Loop Line’s Tamatsukuri Station. In the morning, this cafe serves rice porridge and steamed bread, and at lunch, they offer shokado bento (rectangular lunch boxes) and afternoon tea sets together with handmade Japanese desserts. During the summer season, one of its bestsellers is the kakigoori. Offering about 20 flavors of kakigoori, this shop is filled with kakigoori with unique Japanese taste such as ginger, ujikintoki (green tea syrup), and sencha (non-powdered Japanese green tea). The syrup, condensed milk, and sweet beans used in the kakigoori are all homemade and light on sweetness. For people who want to feel refreshed, the kakigoori that uses a lot of fruit in season is definitely recommended. This cafe has a wide range of fruits in store for its kakigoori specials such as strawberry, white peach, mango, melon, and Delaware grapes which change every day. The kakigoori with a mix of seasonal fruits has five fruits in season on top and 2-3 kinds of syrup, so if you like tasting different flavors, then this cafe is perfect for you.

What do you think about kakigoori that will blow away the heat of summer and put a smile on your face? There are still many other unique kakigoori shops in Osaka. So if you are in Osaka, go find these kakigoori places.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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