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5 Recommended Curry Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka is Japan's greatest curry battleground! Here are 5 restaurants whose delicious curry will surprise even the most elitist curry gourmands.


1. Kashmir

Kashmir is considered the peak of Osaka's curry scene. Their spicy curry, which uses a variety of spices, pastes, and vegetables, is very popular. The curry is made after an order is placed, and so much of the soupy roux is served that it seems like it will overflow. If you take a bite, the spice and sourness fills your mouth. The menu is varied, including items like chicken, mutton, and more, and among them Mix A and Mix B, both made with lots of ingredients, are popular. You can choose from white rice or brown rice, but you should try the brown rice here. The chewy texture of brown rice goes great with the smooth curry. The opening time is irregular, but it's usually around 12:00 am - 2:00 pm. There is a possibility of waiting 2 hours from when you line up until you get to eat. Even so, this is a spicy curry that you should definitely try, so make some time and make your way over.


BOTANI : CURRY is a restaurant that's so popular it's said to be one of the best of Osaka's spicy curry places. The spicy curry and the colorful vegetables are wonderfully balanced so you can enjoy a plate that seems like a work of art. The menu has 3 kinds of keema curry on it: Botani curry (900 JPY), shrimp curry (800 JPY), and Pojo curry (800 JPY). The Botani curry, which shares the name of the restaurant, uses chicken as its base and has a perfect level of spiciness and herb fragrance. The vivid vegetables and pickles, when eaten together with the curry, make it even more delicious. The refreshing taste and the deliciousness will make you want seconds. Outside of 12:00 am - 1:30 pm, you can enjoy "aigake" (1,000 JPY), in which you can have two kinds of curry on one plate, so it would be good to aim for that.


3. Ghar

Ghar is a spicy curry restaurant that curry lovers visit over and over again. Two popular dishes are their chikichiki curry (800 JPY), which uses 15 kinds of spices, and their veggie lamb keema curry (850 JPY) which is a dry type of curry that has ground lamb meat as a topping. The spiciest dish on the menu is chikichiki curry, but soft marinated chicken and potatoes are scattered about the dish for texture. The curry comes in a set with rice, salad, side dishes, and a drink. The rice is cooked hard so it goes so well with the soup-like curry you'll grow addicted to it. Definitely try it!

4. Honkaku Curry Cardamom.

Cardamom is a curry restaurant popular among celebrities. The curry roux uses their own bouillon made from Japanese beef, plenty of aromatic vegetables, 4 kinds of fruit, 15 kinds of spices, and is cooked for 3 days to create a mid-level spicy curry. The plain curry (650 JPY) doesn't have many ingredients but it's rich and the creamy roux goes well with rice. For curry with toppings, there's the pork loin katsu curry (850 JPY), which uses a fried pork loin filet, and the most popular one is the Wagyu atsugiri curry (950 JPY), which uses three thick slices of Japanese beef. The beef is huge and soft so it has many fans. Also, every two weeks they offer a new limited menu. You can enjoy delicious curry that can only be found in Japan here at this restaurant that's also popular with foreigners. Please make your way over.

5. Hakugintei

Hakugintei is a spicy curry specialty shop. The thick curry tastes sweet when you first take a bite, tricking you into thinking that it's rich and mild, but as you keep eating the spiciness creeps up on you! The harmony of the sweetness and the spice creates a deliciousness that you won't be able to resist. On the menu there's the plain curry (750 JPY) and 5 kinds of toppings. The toppings are raw egg (50 JPY), cheese (100 JPY), spinach (150 JPY), tonkatsu (fried pork) (150 JPY), and fried shrimp (100 JPY for 1), so you can combine them and make your own curry. The fried ingredients are fried after you order it so they arrive crispy. The tonkatsu is cut in bite-sized pieces so it's easy to eat. For people who aren't good with spicy, it's recommended that they order the raw egg. It will help calm the spiciness and make it milder so you won't be able to stop eating it. There's often a line at lunch, but this is definitely a shop you should try.

Did you find a restaurant that you'd like to try? Please enjoy comparing the smooth spicy curry to the rich, creamy kinds!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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