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5 Must-Try Bakeries in Osaka

Osaka, known as a city of gourmands, is filled with many bakeries offering delicious pastries! Here are five of the most popular bakeries in this town.



LE SUCRÉ-COEUR is a famous boulangerie that is constantly packed with customers thanks to its huge fan base that is made up not only by local residents, but also those from faraway places. It transferred to Dojima’s Kita-Shinchi area in the heart of Osaka, and re-opened its shop there in May 2016. Unlike the usual bakeries in Japan, it adopts a face-to-face selling method wherein customers choose the items they want from the showcase display and then have them taken out by the store personnel. This bakery has a dozen or so types of breads and pastries at all times, ranging from baguettes and hard breads filled with fruits and nuts, up to croissants, brioche, Danishes, and other viennoiseries. There is an eat-in space inside the shop, and if you tell the staff that you will eat there upon purchase of your pastries and breads, the staff will put what you bought on a plate and add a salad on the side, so it is recommended to eat-in if you have the time. They have seats at the counter and on the terrace, so the shop is a bright space with an open feeling - a great place for relaxing!

2. Tobira

Located on the 1st floor of Namba CITY, which is directly linked to Nankai Namba Station, Tobira is a shop that sells breads, pastries, and rusks. You will see a wide array of breads crammed on the displays inside this shop, centering on breads shaped like cute animals such as cats and chicks, and sweet buns such as Danish breads with fruits, as well as everyday breads and sandwiches. The cute animal breads, which are almost a shame to eat, are filled with custard cream or chocolate so that a mouthful of the bread will surely make you feel happy. During the summer, this shop debuts breads that are light on sweetness, pastries that use lemon and tropical fruits, dolphin-shaped croissants and breads shaped like stars. Now there is a train going to Kansai International Airport from Namba Station, so it might be a good idea to buy bread here to take with you on your journey.

3. Organic Pan Kobo Soleil

Organic Pan Kobo Soleil bakes and sells breads that use homemade natural yeast and organic wheat flour that they grind themselves. The breads that they carefully bake in a handmade stone oven are characterized by the smell of freshly roasted wheat, the faint acidity of the natural yeast, and their puffy texture. At Soleil, even the vegetables and other ingredients used in the breads are organic, with the shop particular about pesticide-free ingredients. Its bestseller is the white chocolate bread, fluffy dough filled with organic white chocolate. It is light on sweetness, so it is a flavor that best suits adults. The maple fromage, which is made by putting cream cheese inside campagne bread that is kneaded with walnuts and raisins, and then adding organic maple syrup on top of the bread before baking, is also recommended.

4. PAINDUCE Main Branch

PAINDUCE, which is located in Kansai’s largest business district Honmachi, is a stylish bakery with a natural atmosphere that revolves around the color white. This bakery prefers ingredients produced in Japan such as flour, whole wheat flour, and rye flour. They also use fresh ingredients in season that are directly shipped from farms, including the vegetables that are used for making the everyday bread. The breads made by the chef who trained in Europe have an orthodox taste that is true to the traditional baking methods. The Louvain baguette that uses homemade natural yeast has faint acidity in the dough and its mild taste enhancing any meal. The tartine (French-style open sandwich of sliced baguettes topped with various ingredients) lavishly uses seasonal vegetables and it's not only beautiful to look at, but also comes in various flavors. There is a café space with counter seats at the back of the bakery where you can eat in, so this bakery is recommended to people who want to wile away the time.

5. Boulangerie IENA

Said to be the most famous among the bakeries in the Tanimachi neighborhood, Boulangerie IENA has a mature atmosphere with a gray and white eave and a subdued exterior that is designed around the color gray. Go inside the shop with impressive yellow walls and you will see baguettes, hard-type breads, and loaves, as well as sweet buns and everyday breads, all neatly lined up. Recommended here are the baguettes that took a lot of time to rise. This bakery's baguette has a crispy exterior and fluffy interior, with the right level of chewiness. With its simplicity and taste that you will not get tired of, this bread goes well with any dish or meal. Together with the baguette, this bakery is also famous for its custard cream bread, thin dough filled with custard cream with the perfect smell of vanilla beans. These breads are such a big hit for this bakery that they sell out rapidly as soon as they are baked. So when you see them at the shop, don’t hesitate, go get some!

Now there are still many delicious specialty bakeries in Osaka, the town of extravagant food. The bakeries there offer various kinds of breads, from basic breads up to unique and eccentric breads. Won’t it be fun to try different bakeries and compare their breads?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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