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5 Recommended Restaurants in Umeda, Osaka, Where You Can Eat Lunch For Under 1,000 JPY

Here is a selection of 5 must-visit restaurants where you can have a satisfying and delicious lunch for less than 1,000 JPY in the Umeda area.


1. Kitashinchi Hanayagi

The owner of Kitashinchi Hanayagi began specializing in Japanese cuisine at the age of 18, and after training at a traditional restaurant in Osaka and in in Gion, Kyoto, he decided to become independent at the age of 35. He opened his own restaurant in Kitashinchi in fall of 2014.
This restaurant offers a limited dinner service to only 4 groups a day for which reservations are required. The only meal available is a Chef's Choice Course (7,000 JPY (excl. tax and service fees), and the selection of alcoholic beverages revolves mainly around sake. The quality and flavor of this restaurant make it a top choice for companies needing to entertain important customers or clients in a luxurious restaurant with a stable and appropriate taste and atmosphere.
If you want to enjoy the flavors of this kind of restaurant at a reasonable price, we recommend their Rano Oyakodon (900 JPY (incl. tax)) and their Deluxe Domestic Kuroge Wagyu Sukiyaki (1,000 JPY (incl. tax)) which are served for lunch in limited quantities for a limited time. We definitely recommend their exquisite oyakodon, which features a very rich flavor resulting from the combination of local eggs and a freshly slaughtered chicken, but the sukiyaki is the most popular of them both, and it usually sells out faster. This is an exquisite dish in which the beef, which is always of rank A4 to 5 and from a cow no older than 3 years old, offers a melt-in-the-mouth texture combined with the high quality fat characteristic of Kuroge Wagyu beef.
People usually start to wait in line in front of this restaurant before it even opens, but we recommend it to those who do not mind the wait to enjoy an inexpensive lunch.

1. Kitashinchi Hanayagi

2. Umeda Hankyu Sanbangai River Cafe

In Japan, a traditional meal usually consists of a bowl of white rice, a bowl of soup, and 3 dishes (a main and 2 sides). These use plenty of different ingredients, making this a very nutritious and well-balanced diet.
However, nowadays, as convenient instant dishes and casual junk food have grown in popularity, a large number of Japanese people find themselves unable to have a traditional meal, resulting in a lifestyle of unbalanced nutrition. The Set Lunch with 1 Soup and 6 Sides (starting at 980 JPY (excl. tax)) served at the Umeda Hankyu Sanbangai River Cafe was created with the idea of "bringing delicious meals focused on nutrition" to the modern people. This is a popular choice in which the number of side dishes, which traditionally is 3, has been increased to 6 to provide an even more balanced meal. Guests can choose their favorite side dishes from about the 20 available options, most of which use vegetables as their main ingredients. It is also nice to note that there are 5 different options for rice as well, including the highly nutritious gokokumai (rice mixed with grains).
The restaurant is spacious and has a nice atmosphere to it. We recommend this lunch option to those who are looking to enjoy a delicious meal in a healthier way for a reasonable price.

2. Umeda Hankyu Sanbangai River Cafe

3. Osaka Mentetsu

Osaka Mentetsu may be rather small, with only about 10 counter seats but it is a very popular ramen restaurant in Osaka. Their signature dish is their soy sauce-flavored ramen (700 JPY), which is characterized by a very Osaka-like colorless soup made with kombu seaweed that offers a light texture, yet a highly concentration of body and delicious flavor. It is presented in a rather simple way, topped off with a roasted pork fillet, scallion, seaweed, and bamboo shoots, all of which match the soup exquisitely! This dish will surely allow you to get a taste of some Japanese style sophisticated flavors. We especially recommend this ramen to those who prefer lighter ramen rather than heavier options such as tonkotsu ramen or iekei ramen.
One thing that you should be careful about is the fact that, in this restaurant, you cannot choose the hardness of the noodles when you order. This is actually written in Japanese in the restaurant. The noodles are boiled to perfection according to the restaurant's standards, so leave it up to the chefs!

4. Tsurutontan Kitashinchi Hondori Kinshoro

Tsurutontan is a restaurant specializing in udon that has 13 stores in total in both Tokyo and Osaka. The"Tsurutontan Kitashinchi Hondori Kinshoro branch features a zashiki style seating area with a tatami floor in which you can enjoy your meal together with the traditional atmosphere of an old-style traditional Japanese restaurant. A course meal (starting at 3,800 JPY) including udon and other dishes in one of the luxurious private rooms of this restaurant is a great idea, but if you want something a little more inexpensive, we recommend going during lunch time. During lunch time you can have their udon noodles, which come served with a Kansai-style kombu-based soup and have a great texture, together with rice or sushi for about 1,000 JPY.
The restaurant gets quite crowded during lunch on weekdays, so we recommend it to those who have time to spare or who do not mind waiting in line to enjoy a meal at a place with such a great atmosphere.

5. Koushi

If you want to have an inexpensive, delicious, and hearty lunch, Koushi is just for you. This restaurant is famous for its steak lunch. Guests can choose the main dishes from the available options, which include a 250 g voluminous Pork Shoulder Roast and a tataki style Wagyu Rare Steak, and all options are served together with rice, miso soup, kimchi, and a raw egg for just 930 JPY (excl. tax)! In addition, you can have as much rice, miso soup, kimchi, and raw egg as you want. In Japan, it is common to mix raw egg with soy sauce and pour it onto rice to eat it. Their most popular dish is the Deluxe Beef Roast Steak. Both your body and soul will surely be satisfied with this hearty beef steak. In addition, starting at 1:00 pm, guests can order a Yokubari Special option that includes beef tongue, pork shoulder roast, and beef roast steak.
This is quite a popular restaurant, so be prepared to wait in line. We recommend coming here for lunch if you do not mind waiting in line to have a truly satisfying lunch.

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There are many restaurants offering value lunches in Osaka, which is known to be an extravagant city when it comes to food. How about dropping by some of them during your trip?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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