4 Cute Sweets in Osaka

Here are some sweets with cute and lovely appearances that you can get your hands on in Osaka. They’re so cute, we wonder if you’ll feel guilty after eating them!?

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1. Hitotsubu Kanro: Limited Edition Fruity Aroma Lozenges LUCUA 1100

Karon Candy is a famous candy maker in Japan. Their first store, Hitotsubu Kanro in Tokyo Station, became hugely popular and their second store appeared in Osaka. Their well-known Karon Candy and the extremely popular Puree Gummy have been packaged in Osaka image cans for a fashionable transformation exclusive for Osaka's LUCUA 1000! Hitotsubu Kanro is an item you should pick up for its impeccable flavor and packaging! The blue mint and citrus flavored candy comes packaged in a tin with a shark design, the plum and herb flavor comes in a tin designed with a crab, and the honey and lemon flavor comes in a tin decorated with a tiger! These cute packages exclusive to Osaka are perfect as souvenirs! The price is 390 JPY (incl. tax).

1. Hitotsubu Kanro: Limited Edition Fruity Aroma Lozenges LUCUA 1100

2. Floresta: Animal Donuts

Floresta’s Animal Donuts (240 - 300 JPY) were born from a contest held in 2010 with the concept of “this would be great as a donut." Starting with a base of Floresta’s standard donut “nature”, white chocolate, organic matcha, pumpkin powder, strawberry powder and other natural ingredients are used to add color. For the ears, organic almonds that are roasted until crunchy are used. It’s not likely that all the 21 varieties of animal donuts will be on display at the counter. However, if you place an order beforehand, you can get the chance to meet all 21. These donuts are too cute to eat and you’ll probably end up taking tons of pictures of them! Why not buy some as a snack for your travels?

3. Ujien: Canned Seikaan

Ujien’s Seikaan is beautiful, sparkling konpeito candy packaged in fashionable tins that will make you want to collect each and every one. Konpeito’s name and history in Japan comes from the Portuguese, when the missionary Luís Fróis presented the sugar candy to Oda Nobunaga in 1569. The word "konpeito" comes from the Portuguese word "confeit." Ujien’s konpeito is made through steady work, where the sugar grains are coated little by little with a unique ratio of nectar (sugar syrup) and evened out using a hoe. The angle of the kettle and the degree of fire is delicately handled and it takes a period of about 10 - 14 days total. The beautiful, sparkling Seikaan konpeito from Ujien are packaged in an adorable tin making it perfect as a souvenir! The price is 540 JPY (incl. tax).

4. Totti Candy Factory

The sweets in Totti Candy Factory located in Osaka’s Amerikamura are extremely cute and trendy! The colorful and fun to hold cotton candy is carefully constructed right before your eyes by a cotton candy artisan. The huge size and hue will definitely to put smiles on everyone’s faces! There are also the incredibly adorable cake pops which are painstakingly made one by one by cake artisans. It is sure to bring joy even as a small souvenir! The store’s highly recommended item is the macaron set for 2,350 JPY (incl. tax). Extremely cute, delicious and recommended as a souvenir!

In Osaka there are many sweets that are not only delicious but enjoyable to look at. They will make picking out souvenirs exciting!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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